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The chance of an education for Ugandan youths

Schooling is still a luxury in Uganda. Many young people drop out of school because they can’t pay the school fees. Andrej Safundzic is a German student who got together with a few friends to develop the idea for a social project called “Eduglobe”. The initiative enables Ugandan children to finance their school fees themselves.

Photo: Eduglobe

Peter Ash: Fighting for the rights of people with albinism

In large parts of Africa people with albinism live in constant fear of being killed or maimed. The continent lives under the deep-rooted superstition that their light-skinned body parts bring good luck. Canadian Peter Ash, himself a sufferer of albinism, founded an organization that offers these persecuted children protection.

Gamal Eid: “I will never give up being a human rights defender”

Gamal Eid is one of the leading human rights activists in Egypt. He is the founder and Executive Director of the Arabic Network of Human Rights Information (ANHRI). In 2011, his organization won the “Roland Berger Human Dignity Award”. In an interview, he talked about the terrible human rights situation in Egypt and his struggle for freedom of expression.

Ash-Sham Care: Playgrounds and education for Syrian children

War has been raging in Syria for years. The situation is especially bad for the children. The school system has collapsed. Their prospects are bleak. Swiss aid organization Ash-Sham Care is doing its best to give the children of Syria an outlook for the future.

Photo: Ash-Sham Care

Solánge Bezerra: Help for Brazilian street children

In the Brazilian coastal city of Recife, hundreds of children are forced to live on the streets. They get little sleep and live among the dirt and the vermin. They are constantly on the run from paramilitary groups who harass the children or brutally murder them. Solánge Bezerra and her aid organization, "Grupo Ruas e Praças", want to give the children a place to rest, recover and play.

Winners of the Roland Berger Human Dignity Award 2014/15 announced

The Roland Berger Human Dignity Award 2014/15 goes to the Maltese lawyer and director of the Jesuit Refugee Service in Malta, Dr. Katrine Camilleri, the Eritrean-Italian human rights activist, Dr. Alganesc Fessaha, and the Congolese school organization, Petite Flamme. The award ceremony is taking place on April 29, 2015 in Berlin. Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier is giving the laudatory speech.

Dr. Katrine Camilleri

Dr. Katrine Camilleri is a Maltese lawyer and the director of the Jesuit Refugee Service in Malta. For almost 20 years now, she has advocated for the rights of boat people who come to Malta as refugees, visiting them in Maltese detention centers and advising them on legal and administrative matters until their status is determined.

Dr. Alganesc Fessaha

Dr. Alganesc Fessaha is an Eritrean-Italian human rights activist who provides humanitarian assis- tance to African refugees in North Africa, frees refugees from the clutches of human traffickers, and draws the world's attention to the plight of refugees who suffer terrible maltreatment at the hands of people smugglers in Egypt's Sinai desert and in Libya.