Anuradha Koirala Submitted by: Sally Reed

Founder of Maiti Nepal, fighting against sex trafficking of Nepali girls and women for 20 years, she has created an extraordinary NGO: Maiti Nepal. Anuradha is a crusader for women’s rights and the basic human dignity deserved by every female, especially in a society in which they are currently not valued or appreciated. She operates border surveillance stations at the Indian Border and on the border to Tibetan China,3 prevention schools, and 2 chronic care centers, and a school, in addition to housing 550 at the main rehabilitation center and children’s care facility at Kathmandu. There’s too much to say here, but this is just a taste.

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  1. sahishnu timsina

    Real hero of our country fighting for noble cause .Salute to her and not only one but uncountable votes for her .

  2. misha shrestha

    Anuradha mam is really hero of our country we are very lucky to have her. I also wanted to be like her and save our country not country only whole world from social problems. So lets so the power of womens ………….jaay nepal …

  3. Maria Hooper

    What a brave woman ! Such dignity and sacrifice for the cause of such basic human reason, something we should not even have to consider fighting for assuming that every person has a woman in their life as a mother,sister, wife or daughter.

  4. bhupen gurung

    We proud of you

  5. Zubeidha

    Tons of salutation to u Madam….Hail your service to all the corners of the world….Joining with u…!

  6. Sivakrishna Vemula

    Anuradha Madam, salutes from the bottom of my heart…you are the living Goddess on earth…

  7. Mimi Marcus

    Anuradha Koirala is a hero.


    hats off to you maam for your bold efforts and success .

  9. Aswin Korada

    She is really doing a brave job and deserve the award.

  10. Jignasa Patel

    Brave Lady! Great work! Wish we could completely rid of this inhumane part of our world!

  11. Wangdel Tamang

    i am happy and overwhelmed with the pure humanitarian work she has been doing for the sake of all those girls who are living their life in hell. her work is the biggest example of humanity and threat to all the traffickers around the globe. we all should support her and work together to abolish all the sexual violence and girls trafficking from the globe.

  12. Von Dent

    Anuradha Koirala is one of the few people that I truly admire. Her endless dedication to her girls in stopping this sex trade business and from being victims to giving hope . We can see the hope by seeing the smiles on her girls faces. That is physical proof that her dream is working.

    Please stand up now and support her. Anyone of these girls could very well have been your own daughter.

    Thank you


    You could certainly see your skills in the article you write.
    The sector hopes for even more passionate writers
    such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.

  14. Ashok Gurung

    Anuradha Didee,
    You have proved that angels come in form of human to serve humans. I solute you!

  15. Jyotirmay Banerjee

    She restored hope and faith on humanity in many wounded souls. If its true that angels do come from heaven to help us out of our greatest trouble then I’m glad to call her a great angel. Please support her in every mean.

    City – San Jose, California, USA

  16. Radhe Shyam Dangol

    love anuradha DD

  17. Jean Ann French

    I had the privilege of visiting the Maiti Nepal facility in Kathmandu and was VERY impressed by the work of MN! Anuradha has been working for years and has many facets to changing these girls’ lives in place – from prevention, to rescue, to rehabilitation, to education, to hospice, etc. She is approaching the problem from ALL sides and is quite successful.

  18. Christine Mackay

    have just returned from 2 weeks in Nepal witnessing the incredible work of Anuradha in the field. There is no one more deserving of this award than her. Please vote.

  19. Vincent Kana`i Dodge

    thru her love Anuradha Koirala is co-creating the solution to a truly horrible global situation for our girls. thru her work on the ground for the past 20 years and the recent collaborations and partnerships, she has insured that this solution will grow and spread long after she passes on. she has my deepest respect, fervent prayers, and my vote.
    aloha nui,

  20. Katia Durand

    Please support the much needed work of Anuradha Koirala. She is an angel and an inspiration.

  21. Dhiraj

    Yes Anuradha Koirala is real Hero of our nation. We all know that our nation is under developing and the political conditions are not so well. Poverty and illiteracy is main cause that many of our girls had been sold to other countries. Despite, all the obstacles and hurdles Anuradha open the non profitable organization named Maiti Nepal to help to avoid girl trafficking and also give a courage to live a normal life for them…She is true Hero of our country. HATS OFF TO HER

  22. Sandhya

    Anuradha koirala is mother goddess actually.

  23. shreejana

    Anuradha koirala…respect ….no words to describe….my vote goes for her :)

  24. suman

    Your work will always be remembered!

  25. Kanchan Shrestha

    the credit for the existence of humanity should be given to the people who work selflessly..what Anuradha Koirala has done for thousands of women is beyond my words..very proud of you.

  26. deepak limbu

    Vote for oue hero

  27. sijan

    voted….. she deserves this

  28. sajan maharjan

    from what i’ve heard you are the inspirational person to most and your great work inspires me to spread my helping hands… because of u and ur team it feels like humanity is all alive…

  29. Jeevan Basnyat

    I vote Anuradha Koirala, She is my Hero

  30. Rk Prince

    Grils are facing such a situation which can not imaginable. So she is the girl who starts sex trafficking from. This is new lesion for world. And my vote is Anuradha mam….! Thank you

  31. Archana Bhattarai

    I vote for our great social worker Anuradha koerala

  32. adish

    she is an inspiration for everyone…. Anuradha Koirala is a name that constantly reminds the male society about the status of woman and what fellow males have done to the female society. What she is doing and has been doing is remarkable. Though I havent been able to reach out to those who need us but I will try my very best to help her so she can reach out to those who need her. “I vote Anuradha”

  33. Deep Rayamajhi

    Anuradha koirala is simply God in disguise…. U have made our country proud…pride of our nation…hats off to u mam…

  34. Niraj Acharya

    She is a wonderful human being with an amazing power to work deliberately on the field of GIRLS TRAFFICKING… She has saved thousands of young Nepalese girls from the claws sex-traffickers in India and abroad…. a huge _/ \_ SALUTE to u mam…. :)

  35. asteek

    best of luck mam!!!! Red salute for being born in my country n saving my sisters..

  36. Aacs

    Just, Lets imagine. A girl, raised in rural part of country Like Nepal. Where parents can’t afford proper education to their children, unknown and lost in modern, developed world of 20 first and with technology.

    Sold as a sextoy . Anywhere ( nowhere is full of humanity). Just keep think’ for less then 1 minute.

    How will she …
    Thanks , our mom’ god , for your great deeds, your sacrifices, and what you’ve done for the nation.

  37. Vishal Gurung


  38. Ravi shrestha

    The simple point is she is not in the game of giving and taking. She looks beautiful in this servicing dress up. I just respect her for nothing but her heart warming deeds.

  39. sumnima gautam

    she is the best!!! :)

  40. Namrata Sakya

    She is the one who knows the value of human life and has taught women being trafficked to love their life, live their present and fight against the inhumane act of sex trafficking.
    She is an inspiration to stop sex trafficking throughout the world.
    She deserves this award. I vote Anuradha Koirala.

  41. laxmi poudyal

    I’m glad & Its a prevelage to vote for anuradha koirala!!!

  42. Rahul sharma

    she is a great person with a great and brave heart.

  43. Susmita

    I would like to vote Anuradha koirala. She is the pride of every women in Nepal and we all respect her a lot

  44. Shubhash Kandel

    She is the perfect one.

  45. Nabin shreesh

    Fighting…Stay Strong..

  46. Nabin shreesh


  47. laxman kumar sharma dahal

    Sex traffking is a kind of modren slavery.You (Anuradha Koirala) is working against it for along period. We appricate your works and always in support .

  48. pradeep

    she is really great

  49. uraj gurung

    best wishes

  50. Prashansha Pokharel

    My vote for Msr Anoradha
    Koirala…. Nepal, World need people like You.

  51. Bhagawati Sharma

    I am proud of Anuradha Koirala didi.

  52. sushil

    She is a role model for many Nepali , devoting her life to the welfare and placement of girls sold for money , in the society

  53. shailesh dahal

    i vote mrs anuradha koirala

  54. Gita Giri

    I respect this kind heart woman n her work 4 the girls who really need help. She is my role model n we r really proud 2 have her. Countless salutes,love,respects n blesses 2 u Mam.

  55. Deepika Upadhayay

    Anuradha didi is doing a service to mankind all selflessly…. she is a true hero of our nation …. I vote for our hero Anuradha Koirala……

  56. Anusha kaushik

    She is an inspiration for uncountable lives,a hope and a pillar.

  57. Von Dent

    I voted for Anuradha Koirala. Please also vote for Anuradha Koirala.

  58. Arjun paudel

    Anuradha koirala working help to protect girl trafficing so i vote anuradha koirala.

  59. Arjun paudel

    I vote anuradha koirala for her help to protect the girl trafficing

  60. sandhya

    All the best anuradha dijju :)

  61. Dinesh shahi

    Best of luck

  62. Aastha Paudel

    All the best dijju :) …(Anuradha Koirala)

  63. James Hutchins

    This work must be supported.

  64. arjun pariyar

    Ms. Anuradha you are the inspiration for all human. The love for other.. pure humanity … you are so kind and caring.

  65. Srijana

    Thank you very much Anuradha Didi for rescueing innocent girls from life of hell and for giving them new life. You deserve this honour!!!

  66. milan

    our proud ANURADHA DIDI………!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Julia Mears

    I am honored to have met this phenomenal women, who has committed her life to stop sex trafficking. When she visited Wheelock College earlier this month, I recognized how she exemplifies what true advocacy really means and what it means to live it. I can only hope that we continue the global discussion on human trafficking, and acknowledging Anuradha and her work with this award will keep a light shining on this issue.

  68. Tobias Ahlstedt

    I vote for Msr Anoradha Koirala

  69. Mangalie Ahlstedt

    Mrs Anoradha Koirala is a role model for me and my sisters and daughters around the world.I vote for her.

  70. Sandra Raygada

    I had the opportunity to attend Ms. Koidala´s conference today in Venezuela. I cannot think of anyone deserving more the support and aid needed to end the crime of trafficking.

    “How can you look at this girls and not think `This could be my daughter´” – A.Koirala

  71. Jackie Jenkins-Scott

    Anuradha is truly an example of what one person can do to change the world. She visited Wheelock College last week to speak with our students . They were inspired by her passion and commitment for making this world better for all girls to reach their God given human potential. She reminded us that these girls and women are our daughters, sisters and family. Let us support Anuradha in her quest for human dignity for all.

  72. Astha

    Anuradha Koirala is a true defination of humanity who dedicated her whole life selflessly working for those girls who are sold in India. Hats off to her work. I always get speechless while describing about her hard work and dedication for rescuing those girls.

  73. thapa ram

    proud of you and your work. wish you all the best Anuradha koirala.

    ram thapa

  74. Damarjang Gurung

    Great job & keep it up. Jai Maiti Nepal.

  75. Mangalie Ahlstedt

    Mrs Anoradha Koirala is a role model for me and my sisters and daughters around the world.

  76. Damarjang Gurung

    Anuradha Jee, We r proud of your great job. Jay Maiti Nepal…

  77. beni mahato

    Voted. Wish you all the best.

  78. Ediss Gandelman

    I am in AWE of your courage, dedication, and passion…thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to protect and advance rights of women and girls in Nepal and internationally. Eye-opening experience meeting and hearing your story, and to think that Boston is a hub of trafficking also- PHEW. We all have work to do.

  79. Beni mahato


  80. Jeny

    Anuradha Koirala is a modern day lioness. Maiti Nepal has been a home to hundreds of Nepali girls rescued from human trafficking for many years. “Please tell the world about my girls.” she says while raising worldwide awareness of this heinous crime called human trafficking.

  81. Sarveshraj sharma

    She is the one who really deserve support, my helping hand is always with such personality

  82. anne turner

    Anuradha is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met.I wish we could clone her so that she could work in other countries around the world. The problem of sex trafficking is a global one and one Anuradha is not enough.

  83. Barbara J

    I whole heartedly vote for Anuradha Koirala.

  84. Marta T. Rosa

    I am honored to cast a vote of yes for Anuradha to be awarded the Roland Berger Human Dignity Award; she is an exemplary hero-fighting for the well being of women and girls not only in her country but around the world. Her efforts have helped to empower hundreds of victims who have found new hope because of her passion and her work. And, risking her own life she has ensure the predators the human traffickers are brought to justice. We need more people of courage such as hers. She sets a global example for how engaged, committed, kind, and passionate human beings can promote human dignity advocating for the rights of those less fortunate. I hope you will bestow the Roland Berger Human Dignity Award to this most courageous, humble heroine.
    Many thanks for this opportunity, Marta Rosa

  85. Lauren

    I met Anuradha today when she spoke to a group of students at Wheelock College in Boston, MA, USA. She is a humble crusader for the rights of others. She (and all the people working with her at Maiti Nepal and Friends of Maiti Nepal) deserve to be considered for the Award.

  86. silwal dipendra

    I don’t care what ppl say about you…ur amazing! You grew up and you grew up into an amazing women you have always been my role model and someone I will always look up to!!! You keep being you because so many ppl are afraid to be themselves!!!!

  87. roma khadka

    she iz just great :)
    hats off to her .. plz go on being like this
    serve nepal nd lead nepal to b a peaceful country
    finger cross

  88. samir

    I support maity nepal from my heart and soul.

  89. Ashok

    We have to proud that our country nepal have such women

  90. narayan siwakoti

    best of luck mym

  91. narayan siwakoti

    best of luck Anuradha Koirala..

  92. lanem

    Great lady

  93. kopila thapa

    Anuradha koirala is truly a mother to all women who is in need.

    we are proud of her and wish her all the best.

  94. divya khadgi

    one of reason that i’m proud to be a nepali is because of her.. she’s great,, huge respect to anuradha koirala mam.. i will vote for her

  95. divya

    one of the reason i’m proud to be a nepali is because of Anuradha koirala mam.. she’s great… just respect her so much

  96. ashish shrestha

    Humanity is abive all religion. She has proved this statement.

  97. Rajni Malla

    One vote from me

  98. Nup pun

    Mrs. Anuradha Koirala is the source of inspiration so my vote goes to her.

  99. Madan

    From what I have heard about her, she’s been doing great work.

  100. bhimsen lama

    she is great women in the world she is the second face of god

  101. sanjaya dhakal

    yes she deserve this…..and she’s beyound the award……we all really feel proud of her that she’s not for only nepal but for the rest of the world…….also……

  102. ranpal mukesh

    she is great person for nepal n mainly for neplese women. i respect her and her works against girl trafficking.


    Salute to to her courageous and compassionate heart. no words enough to thank her for her tireless efforts.

  104. Shiva

    ,,,,Hat off to Anuradha Koirala for what ever you doing in the field of Human trafficking in Nepal,,,,,

  105. salil shrestha

    she is a inspiration and a idol to all nepalese…
    What she did is unmatchable….

  106. Niraj kumar kedia

    She is great

  107. preety

    my vote goes for Anuradha Koirala

  108. Prajesh Ghimire

    Amazing Job :)

  109. omu lhakpa dolma

    you are a great inspiration for all the nepalese women ………..

  110. Janarjan

    Proud to get an opportunity to cast vote for her. She is truly the right person to deserve the award. Deep respect and salute to the CNN hero.

  111. Reclesz

    Proud of Nepal

  112. Vikram baniya

    Nice job anuradha kairala i proud in nepal and you

  113. Joan Chamberlin

    She is a true Nepali heroine!

  114. Manesh Pandit Chhetri

    Really good work done by Anuradha Di….

  115. Malika Ponniah

    She is doing what I would like to do. She is amazing, giving girls and women another chance.

  116. राजेन्द्र सिह

    Awesome effort since last twenty years and wish her work will continue in coming years, the world community should support such humanly endeavors.

  117. subida

    great hero

  118. eakina

    di…………u r most admiring person in this world

  119. prem

    We are very proud.

  120. pritam rai

    my vote for the most beautiful lady Anuradha koirala ! wish you all the best .

  121. Pradeep s. shrestha

    She is a great woman of Nepal

  122. Pradeep

    She is one of the greatest humanitarian beings I have ever seen.

  123. dinesh sharma

    Anuradha is doing most commendable job in the whole earth.

  124. Deepak Bashyal

    Mrs. Koirala doing great job. Salutes for you.

  125. Lama sajan

    A grt personality to follow…respect mrs.anuradha koirala madam

  126. George


  127. buddhi rana

    she has done extraordinary jobs.she is an inspiration she inspire me too so my vote goes to pride of nepal anuradha.

  128. Tenzin Yangdon

    Thank you Anuradha ji for everything you do to save vulnerable girls who are at risk of human traficking and prostitution. What you are doing is going to save the future of not just the present generation but many generations of young girls.

  129. wangdel tamang

    A true social worker. We’ll always support your courage and work.

  130. Kamal adhikari

    My vote for Anuradha and Maiti Nepal. For all of their good and hard work.

  131. Amirah Hill

    I vote.

  132. shail agrawal

    Anuradha Koirala the great social worker who was given the great title and is a great social worker ……….

  133. AjaY Barali

    Best Wishes

  134. Pasang sherpa

    she is a great person with a great and brave heart.every person should give a big salute and a huge respect to her great work. we have always appreciated her great work so a big salute to her and our country is so proud to have her.

  135. sangita rana magar

    Anuradha koirala

  136. Ajita Bhujel

    Girls feel safe because there is a strong lady like Anuradha Koirala!!! She is inspiration to fight back and never give up!

  137. dipendra silwal

    Many blessings on your good works for the young women in your area and around the world. May God’s graces pour abundantly upon you that more and more people would notice and stand up for truth, justice, peace, healing and love.

  138. Nabees

    Proud of you and your work.

  139. sunima shrestha

    A hero representing Nepal as a whole.. Our true hero and our dignity.. Vote for anuradha dd :D

  140. Vumika Rai

    Its my honour to vote for Anuradha Koirala. She is inspiration of every girls. And also the one who is a source that we are not alone. She is one of remarkable person in our society that may lead our life in brightness so that one day every girl may feel secure to be any place in this world.

  141. Dan Grimsley

    I feel so honored to be able to vote for “Anuradha Koirala” due to her endless efforts to eliminate the horrible practice of trafficking young and old children, world wild, into “Sex Slave”.. Whatever it takes to end this despicable practice is well worth the time and effort.

  142. Shelley Seale

    I was privileged to meet Anuradha, winner of the CNN Heroes award, several years ago in Nepal. What amazing work she is doing to save girls from sex trafficking, educate and train them for a bright future (and their children!) and raise awareness about this huge problem.

  143. Roshish

    Great work…. hope we also can initiate some good work in life for the welfare of society!!

  144. Amol Acharya

    Best of luck for Anuradha. Register one vote for her from my side.

  145. Wangzee Waiba

    May u always countinue ur social work, we all Nepali feel so proud because of you thank u. :)

  146. Jeris JC Miller

    Extraordinary Humanitarian

  147. emily chaffee

    thank you for the work you do!

  148. bhusan bista

    She is doing best in her field n wishing her all the best.

  149. mahendra baniya

    YOU ARE DOING VERY GOOD JOB..god bless you always

  150. Erin Rew

    Wonderful woman fighting for women’s rights and dignity on the front line.

  151. Hisila Dangol

    Anuradha mam iz the best

  152. Tina Cornely

    Amazing humantarian doing amazing work to rescue women & children from trafficking!

  153. sagar koirala

    She is doing great and great job against human trafficking. Its a great step to prevent human trafficking. Keep it up sister !!!

  154. simrik

    thanks anuradha di for ur incridable work.

  155. Mary Francis Drake

    Many blessings on your good works for the young women in your area and around the world. May God’s graces pour abundantly upon you that more and more people would notice and stand up for truth, justice, peace, healing and love.
    Rev Mary Francis Drake

  156. Umesh Regmi

    She is a daughter of God!!! Lotz of blessings!!

  157. yashoda malla

    let’s make her to win this award…………she ’s the best

  158. Lalan Prasad Shah

    She is like a burning candle to give light to others!

  159. Vipin thalappala

    My vote for madam anuradha..her works are really awesome. Its my honour to vote her.

  160. diamond

    grand salute to miss anuradha

  161. Dipendu Chowdhury

    Nepal is our family member. We know this neighbours country part of Indian North-east values. After long fight all my Nepali brothers and sisters tring to complet their new destination that is new born democracy. It’s too tough to continieu your movement Madam Anuradha Koirala against Human Trafficking. Because Nepal carrying deep rooted 20th Century values. OK that is not a major threat, we are all with you mam. Take my grass root Subhecha.

  162. Prabin Gautam

    A true mother of everyone. God bless you.

  163. bokssa

    i vote plus slaute you.

  164. Puspa Thapa

    Wish u best of luck mam..!! Voted


    God bless you woman, I follow your footstep.

  166. Lynn Yap

    Please keep fighting, Anuradha!

  167. saru silwal

    vote for anuradha as her work against girl trafficking is truly remarkable… And doing amazing job..

  168. Bron Le Shore

    May you continue to to be blessed in the works you perform!!

  169. Christine Haselberger

    Miss Anuradha, it was a great pleasure meeting you here in Bermuda! Your work is remarkable and inspiring!! Together we can make this world a better one!! Much blessings from Christine (Bermuda/Munich)

  170. Karine

    Thanks to Anuradha Koirala for helping those girls who need love and care.

  171. kamal

    Awesome Work *****

  172. mauchemau

    she is fake. she sells women.there are thousands of things she has done and those lives will not come back.

  173. Corinne Doherty

    I have been following Anuradhas’s work for many years now.
    Not only does she rescue the girls from sex-trafficking but she also
    give them the chance of starting their life again.
    She is doing an amazing job of it and on a extraordinary scale.
    And still, she remains incredibly close to her girls and their everyday life.
    The work she achieves is admirable and her project should get all possible support .
    Maiti Nepal is not about Anuradha, it is about her girls.
    That’s why I give her my vote, my respect and my admiration.

  174. Rebecca

    Truly amazing and brave work!! I hoe you win and get the support you need. Good luck!

  175. Virginia Weiler

    Thinking of you from Canada and hoping you win for all the good work you do!

  176. angelita altea

    I whole heartedly support this magnificent project for young girls

  177. Susan J Smith

    I vote for Anuradha Koirala.


  178. Florrie Darwin

    No problem in the world today is more poignant than the widespread trafficking of young girls and women as sex slaves. Even those who are rescued are typically rejected by their communities, so they are doubly victimized. For over 20 years Anuradha Koirala has fought on several fronts to prevent trafficking, rescue girls who have been captured, and provide a life with meaning and dignity to those who have been brought back. No one deserves the Roland Berger Human Dignity award more than the heroic Anuradha Koirala.

  179. E'iitwewe Binesiik

    I recently had the pleasure to meet Anarudha Koirala at an event in my city. I am amazed with her determination and strength! I applaud her. So many young Napalese women and girls she has rescued from slavery and torture and exploitation. Please I support her work and all that she represents. She most definitly derserves the award.
    With respect I humbly submit this vote for her and all of her helpers.

  180. katerina Mpakirtzi

    You are a grate woman.i was also victim of my own father and this fear distroy my life and hapinnes.the fear of the people.No i have my own job.please help those children to be strong women with respect. Sik people see woman as a thing.but healthy man loves and protect them.god bless all of you!!!

  181. Masha

    There is so much work being done by Anuradha and her organisation. It is amazing how much can someone achieve through her passion and compassion. It’s inspiring there are people like you on this Earth!

  182. Craig

    I visited Maiti Nepal as a pro bono consultant in 2012. Anuradha and Maiti Nepal have had a profound impact on the lives of thousands each year. Her kind heart and excellent leadership makes this possible everyday.

  183. Pralhad Dhakal

    I am voting for Anuradha Koirala because she has been able to support thousands of Nepali girls to have a DIGNIFIED life. She is a jewel of Nepal.

  184. Mahendra Lamichanne

    I support Anuradha Koirala she is a hero and superior being of human kind because now human being is fall work like animal . My vote is Anuradha Koirala I always appreciate her work in human trafficking ~

  185. samjhana

    you are a God in the form of human… words can describe about the great work you have doone for human kind…your effort will take you a long way……….we love you a lot….we are always in your favour ama…

  186. Priya sherpa

    we love, care and respect you and always going through the ways we can make you happy nd proud for what u have done.We cherish for our mothers work and in its satisfaction.

  187. A. McAlear

    Oh, what brave work she does! Her courage and determination is an inspiration. I wish there were more women (and men) like Anuradha Koirala who will stand up against those who would traffic our children. –Montreal, Canada

  188. Russ Salo

    What brave work you do – I have much praise for you– God Bless!

  189. Sunita Sintan

    i have voted to Sunita Danuwar

  190. rabi bade


  191. Leila

    the work that Anuradha Koirala has been doing is remarkable . her tirade against human trafficking is wrought with dangers but she continues to preserve the dignity of these hapless girls with such courage and determination. She very well deserves this honour and i am glad to vote for her.

  192. Jacqueline Hayward

    It is a pleasure to be able to cast my vote for Anarudha Koirala. It was indeed an incredible experience to listen to her words. Her words and the 7 minutes documentary moved me to tears. I am in awe of Anarudha and what she has achieved and also the great dignity and humbleness that she shows. It made me want to run away to Nepal to offer my services for this incredible cause. I know I cannot do that at this time but there are others ways I can keep this bright light shining that Anarudha’s words placed within me. I cannot think of another person who is more deserving of this award. I will keep Anarudha, her workers and all the children and girls in my thoughts. Blessings and light to you Anarudha.

  193. Eduardo

    She is an inspiration for those who are willing to change the world through service and love, by pursuing justice and showing mercy to victims of human trafficking.

  194. Shannon

    An inspiration and role model for all of us. She proves without a doubt that one person can create massive change. If we all took such a stand and responsibility for challenging injustice this world would be a much different place – perpetrators would know their behaviour is not acceptable and will no longer be tolerated. Anuradha Koirala’s courageous action and commitment is a shining light and forces us all to no longer be willfully blind to the constant violation of human rights against women and children around the world.

  195. Milana Schipper

    My vote goes to Anuradha Koirala in the hope that her amazing program receives more funding in order to continue to save innocent lives day in and day out.

  196. Hari Bhattarai

    Mr. Bijay Malla,

    Thank you for your healthy and analytical comments. Having read your comment, I still feel happy that you respect Anuradha Koirala and admire her work.

    I would like to make some clarifications in some of your claims. Anuradha Koirala is a renowned social worker and she is not affiliated to any political entities, neither the political parties nor the then monarch. She was chosen the Minister in the king’s reign because of her selfless dedication to social work and contribution towards the issues of children and women. You might be well familiar to the human rights violation during the ten year long insurgency. Rights of children and women were severely violated during that period . And a person like Anuradha Koirala was the need of the hour to be sworned in as the minister of children and women. You have to admit that, Anuradha Koirala was the right person as the minister of children and women who had long experience of the issue and capacity to avert the human right violations. Let me reiterate , she is neither a politician nor a cadre of any political wing. She is a pure social worker and will retain this identity in as well.

    Next , you have to be aware that Anuradha Koirala has been felicitated with other international awards like Manhe Prize, without voting procedure. This award has been previously awarded to Nelson Mandela.

    Some of us may disagree, but for many of the people like me, she is the pride of Nepal and will remain so forever. I advise you to evaluate her work, visit her institution and spend some moments with her to actually gauze the importance of campaigns she and her organization has initiated.

    Social work has always attracted me so has politics, I am a university teacher of political science sometimes politics demands social workers to contribute in crucial circumstances of any country though it may not be choice of social workers. Even today as per the doctrine of necessarily, the Chief Justice is heading the council of ministers of Nepal, this has happened for the first time in the history of Nepal because of the need of Nepali people. I think this explains all, no one has any grounds to call Chief Justice a politician.

    I may have written a long comment, but I thank you for giving me an opportunity to pen down my views.


    Hari Bhattarai

  197. Anita Thapa

    my vote goes to Anuradha Koirala because she sees the beauty and humanity in every girl, every child. She works to protect them, it is true, and also in the healing can he genius be seen. Her creative therapies to return dignity to the lives of girls who have been brutalized, is nothing less than inspiring. she is heart of every nepalese girl and nepal

  198. Annette jones

    Thank you!

  199. lhakpa sherpa

    she believes in ” Others before self” and has true soul for humanity

  200. Satan Pandeya

    She is a hard worker for establishing humanity.

  201. Anonymos

    I vote Anuradha Koirala and hope that she will win ….. Best of luck… I wish you frm the core of my heart

  202. sonii

    she deserve this award! :D
    she is a inspirational to all women and girls..

  203. Saroj thapa

    She is an example to the world…

  204. nikesh

    she genuinely deserve this award for her philanthropic deeds

  205. ram chandra

    she is the leader againest the sex trafficing of Nepali girls ..

  206. Kanti Adhikari

    All the best

  207. Rishav

    c devoted herself to humanity

  208. Poonam

    Anuradha Koirala is a god gift to all the victims of trafficking and violence. She is a true humanist and activist. Salute her and her increidble work. Hailing from Kathmandu, Nepal I can say that she has made a paradise for all the women who are victims. She is an angel. My vote definitely goes to Anuradha Koirala.

  209. Rama Shrestha

    She has been taking a stand for women. She is example for every women and inspiration. Many lives have become normal because of her deeds and her org.

  210. sweta

    She is my idol!!

  211. Pradyumna Regmi

    I vote for Anuradha Koirala for her vision of speaking for the people that the society outcasts. She is all about hope, equality, dignity and respect. I admire her courage, tenacity and humility with the sense of humanity.

  212. Komal Adhikari

    I appreciate Anuradha Koirala’s work.

  213. Jayaraj Poudyak

    Pride of Nepal

  214. Krishna Khadka

    she did everything for those girls who had frustrated from their dirty life and lost everything.she is the god for those girls who are take cared by Anuradha Koirala for a long time.

  215. Mark Shrestha

    for her work on humanity

  216. Bijay Malla

    Hari Bhattarai, Mr. Jogen and Mr. L Tamang, I don’t think only vote count matters for such Award. It is not like CNN Hero where if you achieve highest votes, you might be winner. So, we shouldn’t waste time, whatever votes they got.

    I like Anuradha and whatever she has done, that’s praiswworthy.However, she can not be pride of Nepal, I strongly disagree Hari Bhattarai. The reason, because of her gree in power and position, she shouldn’t have Minister of Women, when King dismissed the elected people and she was one of them.

    Do you remember, how Nepalese were terrorised, tortured when king dismissed elected government. Elected prime minister was put on jail on 12 o’clock night.
    Anuradha should have chosen strong decision that for power and position, she shouldn’t have supported king. History will never ever forget that time of Nepal, because so much human right was violeted. I still love her work and respect her, always this question comes in my mind, why she become minister without being elected by public, and in only king’s selection.That was her complete wrong decision, ultimately monarchy also finished.

  217. Mark Shrestha

    For Humanity and my inspiration.

  218. Prashant Baral

    I listened to her speech when she received her CNN Heroes award..she has a divine soul :)

  219. Prashant Baral

    Because I have heard her speech when she received her CNN Heroes award..she has a divine soul :)

  220. Bhanusingh kushuwha

    She is doing a great job for our society and country.Her job is far away from selfish.she brought very positive thought in the brain of the youngster by inspring from her job . . .i salute her !

  221. jyoti gautam

    we need such beautiful soul like her

  222. saksham

    Humanaity…she sold her soul to feed them….Humanity…..

  223. roka nam

    i solute to real hero anuradha ji. i have not any word to express . just solute……………………..

  224. govind bahadur kunwor

    she has done a great work for the humanity.

  225. Rudra Gurung

    She is doing a wonderful job. We need leaders like her to change the society and inspire other people like she did. She is an inspiration to me.

  226. Santosh Joshi

    She is a greate women. She is a hero of world & role model of world. We should learn from her work & trt to do something for humen beings & other creaters.

  227. Rajib

    Deserves our vote

  228. Hari Bhattarai

    Mr. Jogen and Mr. L Tamang I saw your comments. Mr Jogen you have said that Anuradha Di isa fake activist, you are saying that because no one from you family members have undergone horrors and violence of trafficking; Ask a victim of trafficking and she will tell you who Anuradha is.
    L Tamang Ji – Anuradha does not need to win by votes, she is already an angel. It does not matter whether she wins or not; she is Nepal’s Pride and Glory. She has already won people’s heart by her selfless and sacred work.
    Both the friends – It is people who are voting for her, and the voting system is so intense that it cannot be repeated, I could vote for her only once, you can also try.

  229. Hari

    I vote for anuradha Koirala

  230. Sushan Shrestha

    hats off

  231. jaya rai

    I would like to vote for Anuradha Koirala.

  232. Ram B. Aryal Chhetri

    A very promising leaders, fought against “women/child trafficking” – She enforced the government that POLICY SHOULD BE IMPLEMENTED for betterment of women.


    She is not a human ,she is a god,a god who gives life to other,a god who helps other,a god who share other’s problem,a god who is always ready to do difficult work for a smile of people who are in difficult situation.she is a smile of every women,she is mother of every people of world.she is a 2nd Nelson mandela of the world who enjoy their life working for others.
    So she deserve this award!


    I vote for Anuradha Koirala…

  235. Ananta Guragain

    She is doing a great work.I woul like to vote for Anuradha Koirala

  236. Prabesh Neupane

    She is a true Human.. Hats off to Anuradha dd.

  237. Sirapa Shrestha

    She is doing a great work.She is a great person,no one could ever imajine doing such a work but she stood up high and contributed all her life for humanity.

  238. bibek adhikari

    Anuradha ist eine Inspiration.

  239. nabina

    i vote her bcoz she is my idol

  240. L.Tamang

    Yes, i think so she is misusing voting system one day more than 1500 votes not only anuradha sunita danuwar;s also.
    they both are fighting to win,
    voting lay jitne hoina didi

  241. Preksha Koirala

    you are my Idol ma’am.

  242. Von Dent

    Please note that I vote for Anuradha for the Roland Berger Human Dignity award. The girls need her and the world needs her. There is no one else with such compassion that deserves this award except her. Thank you

  243. Jenny Lam

    Anuradha is an amazing person for doing what she does. We need more ppl like this in the world.

  244. karma gurung

    I have heard a lot about her. Hope she is what I have heard. So keep up the good social work and commitment to improve the people life’s in need.

  245. Swagat R Pyakurel

    She is a great lady, helping innocent girls avoid trafficking and rescue and rehabilitate those already trafficked. A CNN Hero, her selfless dedication is an inspiration for all.
    Swagat Raj
    Hetauda, Nepal

  246. govinda panta

    you are a great person. Congratulation thank you very much . Didi !

  247. anu

    Great women with great work that she has given her entire life against women trafficking . She is an idol for me. I support her and vote for her.

  248. Sanju

    Ur big heart gave life to those women and children whom society wouldn’t have accept…

  249. Kyamuna karki

    Good job

  250. Manoj Gurung

    She is really an idol for me……..nowadays even being good person is difficult she has done soo much…..such type of person are the one whom nation is proud of as I m

  251. bikas bura

    i’m from dang,nepal. i support n respect mrs.koirala for her deeds for society. she did many things which is impossible for us. she is the power. her work can’t be just simply defined. she is our hero

  252. kamala shrestha

    She has given her whole life for stopping girl traficking and for rehabilitating them. I appreciate her compassion for girls and her strong will , zeal and consistance for her mission. Great courage for women empowerment.

  253. Shanti tuladhar

    Yes u r the one who save the thousands of girls life, so I vote for u.

  254. S. Reed

    Anuradha Koirala has dedicated her life for the past 20 years to the safety and well-being of Nepal’s most vulnerable girls and women. She is a pioneer in anti-trafficking work and inspires the next generation to be brave and resolute as she is. No matter what, she will go on, crusading for her girls. It is our duty to help her every way we can.

  255. manju

    i vote to anuradha koirala ,she is greatest women in nepal and the world

  256. Rakesh Dongol

    you are doing great job..

  257. mahendra baniya

    Anuradha Koirala deserves to win,wonderful job. all the best.

  258. Bishweshwar Prasad Kafle

    best of luck Anuradha Dijyu, you deserve it.

  259. Dr. Chandra Adhikari

    She has done a lot for the females.

  260. Will Agee

    Slavery is wrong!! Thank Anuradha Koirala and your staff for daring to being the change,making the world a better place,protecting others and keeping this often hidden crime in the public eye!! Go get’em!!! :)

  261. Aashish Adhikari

    she deserves every award that goes for humanity…this is a sad moment for me that she hasnt received any significant help from the concerned sectors except a few awards…… she is a true hero

  262. Bharat Baral

    all d best, be the pride for all Nepalese

  263. Soina Sharma

    - A women for the society

  264. Marco

    Anuradha is our definition of Humanity She is an inspiration for all of us.

  265. David Cope

    Founder of Maiti Nepal, Auradha Koirala has spent twenty years developing this organization, which intercepts sex traffickers as they carry off young women and girls, helps them adjust in safety, provides them with much needed health care, and helps them rebuild their lives. She is a major cultural hero in the battle for women’s dignity and rights on the front lines of a struggle to free them from sexual slavery and social ostracism: she deserves this award.

  266. Vishnu Laxmi Sikarmi

    Best wishes, I would like to vote for Anuradha mam

  267. Lynn Yap

    Please keep up your noble work, Anuradha! The girls need you nd the world needs your courage and kindness!

    Kuala Lumpir

  268. Kumar Rana

    We love her work, human trafficking is our enemy.

  269. Yubraj Moktan

    I am from Nepal but now in Japan for study . I salute for her works .

  270. Shishya

    Anuradha mam deserves this Award…May almighty give her more strength to fight against human trafficking…

  271. Chandani Lama

    recently, i person said Anuradha Koirala was a fake activist. What would you know about her and her work. Come to her organization and you will not be able to sleep for days.

  272. shamin

    i agree with the above comment bu jogen shrestha.

  273. jogen sheshta

    Mrs. Anuradha is a fake activist. Do not vote for her. she is misusing the online voting system.

  274. Chandani Lama

    thank you bajju. for such a courageous job.

  275. Pramesh Shestha

    Anuradha dd’s life is en epitome of hope, courage, struggle n success and she herself is a great lesson that Girls n women should better to learn. I would like to salute her.

  276. Akina Thoklen

    Thank you Anuradha and Maiti Nepal!

  277. Carmen Peréz San José

    I voted her because she the voice of the women indefensive in Nepal. Admirable! A wonderful woman!

  278. Naraya Rai

    grand salute and best wishes 4 u ma’am………

  279. Prakash Bista

    A great role model for the women in the world.

  280. Corrine LeCates

    Human trafficking must stop!
    Corrine in California USA

  281. Debu

    Star Of Asia , She is the Inspiration for new ear of Youth .All Nepali are proud of her

  282. Carolyn Dubuque

    What an inspiration!

  283. Betty Hock

    Anuradha has dedicated her life to helping women and children victims of sexual exploitation. She does this in spite of personal risk.

  284. Jeffrey Druck and Linda Arvay

    Anuradha’s work makes the World a safer place for girls and women. A true humanitarian who most certainly deserves this award!!

  285. Bhagirath Yogi

    Hats off to Anuradha didi! Her life is her message!

  286. Eliza prajapati

    Best wishes.

  287. Wonika Bhatta

    Anuradha Koirala deserves to win.

  288. Erica Lessem

    Ms. Koirala has done so much for the women of Nepal, both through the direct services her organization provides, and through her amazing advocacy and leadership by example. She is an inspiration to all with whom she works to become more brave, strong, kind and selfless. Ms. Koirala has motivated Nepalis and the international community to care more about women and the serious– and unfortunately widespread– issue of sex trafficking. But most importantly, Ms. Koirala has given hope to young women who have seen the worst of humanity that they can find safety, love and a better life.

  289. Dipendra Gurung

    Mother of nepal

  290. bhAwana

    Good Luck !!!! mam !!!!!!!

  291. sophia rijal

    grand salute and best wishes 4 u ma’am………

  292. Bibek Neupane

    She is the real hero of the world. My great respect always goes to her and I heartly appreciate the work she have did and she is doing against of human trafficking.God bless you.

  293. pabitra poudel neupane

    She is the Great women who spending the life for save all the Girls.All the best Anuradha diju.

  294. Indai erena

    God bless her goodwork.

  295. keshav pd uprety

    First of all i want to wishes best of luck to anuradha di,and iwant to vote to her for protecting girls against trafficking and service of humanity and resattelmant of such a girls and womean who already had force to live in hell by trafficker.

  296. sujana rana

    your are the great person who make strong the poor girls…i wish u all the best of luck mam….;)

  297. dilliram

    Anuradha koirala is synonymous to the service of humanity and a boon of god to the women who are forced to live in hell by demon of sex in indian big city delhi and mumbai

  298. Agendra Gurung

    I have worked at Maiti Nepal and I know how much dedication and time and love and care is essential to provide a home the girls and children to be at ease and feel welcomed. I can think of no other person other than Anuradha Koirala who deserves the human dignity award.

  299. Kim Ewens

    If there were more women like Anuradha Koirala the world would be a safer, better place for girls and women. She deserves our respect and praise.

  300. aruna bajracharya

    best of luck Anuradha Koirala

  301. raju

    thank you didi for your initiative on girl trafficking. you have succeeded to wipe tears of thousands of girls.god be with you

  302. kumar paudel


  303. Kanchan Kc

    She is the greatest women in the planet ..,

  304. Devendra

    Please keep up your noble work, Jai nepal

  305. sudeep

    had no any words to express about her so just
    all the best

  306. Roshan Pun

    i voted Anuradha..she deserved this award

  307. Kabi Baniya

    All the best wishes to Anuradha…

  308. Dil Maya Gurung

    Thank u for saving all the girls n we r always with u supporting to u,,

  309. Saujan

    Yes, Anuradha madam deserve this title.

  310. suresh shah

    great work for humanity…hats off to you…

  311. Lalit Singh Rawal

    Anuradha synonym for humanity, justice and pride of woman

  312. kiran khadaka

    best of luck … You deserve to be the best… And thanks for everything that you have done.

  313. rashmi

    Plz vote for her! Thank u

  314. Samida Kshetri

    she is really a true inspiration for every individual.., a role model, and like a living god. TRUELY A HERO

  315. Prem Lama

    Hats off to Mother Anuradha Koirala.

  316. prabesh basnet

    The works Anuradha mam and her group are doing to protect girls from being trafficked and other violence is really praiseworhty and always motivating one.So I felt proud to vote her and hope to see her being felicited with this award….

  317. Kalyan Acharya

    Best of luck Anuradha ji.
    I am sure that once again you will make us proud to be NEPALI.

  318. Prabin lamichhane

    Dear Anuradha koirala, you are the real hero of our country and society. We just need some more Anuradha koirala to protect some more womens from being sold like animals.

  319. santosh ghimire

    best of luck

  320. nirajan bhandari

    She is the mother of nepal& pride of nepal!!!!!!

  321. Manoj K Subedi

    My vote for Anuradha Dijju, hats off to you Dijju for you effort against girls trafficking.

  322. manash gogoi

    my vote for anuradha koirala mam…..lots of respect mam…

  323. Tubindra luitel

    We love you.

  324. bibhusha kc

    voting her and supporting her equals to supporting me and voting me

  325. sudeep shrestha

    my salute n respect to u mom

  326. Bini

    All the best maam!!! You deserve this…

  327. Lal pun

    She is god to all women

  328. santosh tamrakar

    My vote goes to M/s. Anuradha Koirala

  329. Shanta

    Good job

  330. Ksenya Plumb

    I met her, she is amazing, powerful and passionate about what she does! I support her full heartedly!

  331. prakritee

    so far she is the true n best social worker of the nation…hope u bring the award home again..

  332. Keane Posner

    It’s great that she is empowering and standing up for the rights of girls and young women in Nepal. This is surely one region that was discussed in the book “Half The Sky” by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. This book was pivitol in establishing for me the view of women in many parts of he world. These areas are more populated than areas where women have more equality and more respect so suffice it to say a very difficult read because in my view women are to be exalted. There is no one better than Anuradha Koirala for these girls to have on their side and help provide the support services that they desperately need.

  333. Preety Baniya

    Good luck

  334. Ujjwal Shakya

    As To tear the darkness of night there comes a sun,
    To resque the trafficked girls from Nepal there comes anuradha mam as a hope.

  335. Ganesh Pandey

    Didi you are the best one all over the world. Big Salute from all Gorkhali to you and best wish for more success of your work project.

  336. Kabita Balami

    My vote for Anuradha Koirala dd, “An inspiration to Mankind ! “

  337. binod poudel

    I vote for her she doing very great work for Nepali women.

  338. dines karki

    Founder of Maiti Nepal, fighting against sex trafficking of Nepali girls and women for 20 years, she has created an extraordinary NGO: Maiti Nepal. Anuradha is a crusader for women’s rights and the basic human dignity deserved by every female, especially in a society in which they are currently not valued or appreciated. She operates border surveillance stations at the Indian Border and on the border to Tibetan China,3 prevention schools, and 2 chronic care centers, and a school, in addition to housing 550 at the main rehabilitation center and children’s care facility at Kathmandu

  339. shirshak baniya

    all the best

  340. Yadab Giri

    I have voted for Anuradha Dijju because she has given re-birth to girls whom she has rescued from brothels

  341. prabin gurung

    my vote goes to you mam. gud luck n i hope u ‘ll definately gonna win this award too…

  342. sangeeta gurung pun

    I respect her for the fight she is fighting to provide victimized women a humane right she deserves.Grand salute to her effort and contributions.

  343. raj

    best of luck………

  344. milan thapa

    really appreciate Anuradha koirala !!

  345. Shreejana Subedi

    thank you for your compassion and devotion Anuradha jee

  346. Aryan Pradhan

    My best wishes to you Dijju, All the very best.

  347. Kiran Pradhan

    Always with Maiti Nepal and Dijju, All the very best.

  348. Anju Shrestha

    All our good wishes to you Dijju, best of luck.

  349. Beryl Trimble

    Anuradha Koirala has brought love and hope back into the lives of many young girls who have been damaged by sex trafficking. She is an extraordinary woman and well deserves this award. We all love you Anuradha for your love and commitment. God Bless you and your ‘daughters’.

  350. Sharad B.S

    you are true a icon who stand off from the crowd of so called globally funded organizations who do nothing but hold meetings and seminars to stop human trafficking… eat, drink, talk and do nothing. you actually do more and dont believe in talks.

    I learn more things from you.. following your posts and Maiti nepal activities.

    Thank you for being there for ppl who need you. :)

  351. Kiran Pradhan

    Always for Maiti Nepal.

  352. mahesh

    I vote to anuradha .

  353. Shalyn

    I wish to vote for Mdm Anuradha Khoraila for all her sacrifice to save trafficked girls. She’s a God-sent angel.

  354. Anup Adhikari

    Thank U For saving life of Girls Who Had Been Trafficked

  355. Subash duwadi

    Best of luck anuradha

  356. manissarma

    all the best for anuradha koirala
    proud to b a NEPALI

  357. Woeser

    The best women I have ever known in my life. She has been a true influence in my life

  358. Jyoti Basnet

    She is one of the inspiring figure for every nepali!!!PROUD to say that she is also one of the NEPALI!!!and 1 of the best nepali daughter!!!!All the best!!!

  359. Yogesh Shrestha

    She has been the goddess to lots of people out there in society. Hats off to her :)

  360. Shekhar Shrestha

    She is doing great great job.I also voted to Anuradha Koirala.

  361. sunita shrestha

    i vote to Anuradha coz she is the selfless social worker who just thinks of other.

  362. narendra bohara

    My vote for anuradha

  363. Khil Thapa

    I absolutely love this women. I love her for what she has done for humanity. She is above all the normal human being.If i could do half a percent of what she has done, i will die happy man. No one deserve this vote more than her.

  364. Silvia villasenor

    Admiro su trabajo! Está cambiando la vida de miles de familias.

  365. Sunita

    She’s an amazing personality and live human god for Nepalese trafficked girls. Keep up the good work. Good luck ahead!!

  366. Hemraj Gurung

    I vote to Mrs Anuradha Koirala because she is the god of Nepal. She is another Buddha in Nepal i pray to her….

  367. Manzil

    She deserves it!!! my vote for her.

  368. Govin Khatri

    I respect her works done for Nepali children and women.Anuradha Didi is like a mother Teresa of Nepal.

  369. Milan Rai

    Great work for Humanity.

  370. kathryn hague

    My vote for anurahada koirala!!

  371. bikash agrawal

    Best of luck to Anuradha Koirala

  372. Lynn Yap

    Dear Anuradha,

    Many thanks for your brave and noble work, you hold the girls’ world in the palms of your hands; rescuing them, guiding them, nurturing them, educating them and finally letting them go as independent women to seek their future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  373. MsraR

    A vote for the deserving candidate :)

  374. manisha

    All the best!

  375. jarmila jirel

    Respect for her and hats off to her works!

  376. Arnika Raj

    Not just for one or two, she has been a mother to hundreds of girls. A home for them. She upheld the dignity of a woman. May God bless all your endeavors dijju.

  377. Laxman thapa

    All the best Anuradha Mam.

  378. Laxman thapa

    Magnificent and brilliant work you are doing being an example to the world to save our chelibeti (sisters) by you honourable Anuradha Koirala.keep doing and show the world.

  379. anil

    best of luck………JAY NEPAl

  380. jeewan

    best work ever…

  381. Amy Robbins

    Definitely got my vote, what an amazing person!

  382. Ganesh Tamang

    Best of Luck Anuradha Di

  383. sapna poudel

    I proud myself …. voting for Anuradha Koirala, Hats Off Myam

  384. Barbara Trapp

    The world needs MORE people like you Anuradha Koirala!!!!

  385. manish

    Best of luck.

  386. suresh sen

    It is really great respect to her & deep heart feelings, emotions if we look back her deeds. Great rescue for women from hell to heaven……best wishes and salute to great mother of Nepal.

  387. William Snyder

    This woman is doing vital work to raise the status of women and girls. She deserves every accolade and recognition for helping stamp out sex trafficking. This is one of the worlds great evils, our mothers and sisters deserve better.

  388. Manish Pradhan

    Respect to Anuradha Auntie …..

  389. Pabita Limbu

    Good luck! !

  390. Bhupdev

    26 letters of english alphabet cannot appreciate her work, cannot describe her. No one is comparable with dijju anuradh koirala right now in the world. Great wishes from me. I think she deserves noble prize in social work.

  391. Cynthia Chapman

    The treatment of women, children and the Earth reflect the level of consciousness of our humanity. Needless to say, the consciousness is at an all time low with people, villains, kidnapping young women into a sex slave trade. Though it is hard to comprehend this maliciousness, I am so thankful to Anuradha Koirala and her organization for doing the brave work of rescuing the victims of this cruelty and helping the girls restore their dignity and heal their lives. The work of Anuradha Koirala is vital also in prevention and education. Though far away in another world, I am touch by their accomplishments and heroism daily. Anuradha Koirala’s work needs to have many lights shining on it so that the work may be supported.

  392. Amit maharjan

    my vote our CNN hero Anuradha koirala for her great work and great success

  393. Saroj Sapkota

    We always respect her for great work.

  394. Kris

    Thx for saving innocent girls !!!!

  395. Aastha Suwal

    I, infact all nepalese respect you for the courageous work you and your organization do ma’am.

  396. Anish Kumar Shrestha

    she has done a gr8 work for the Nepali ppl…especially the girl…my best wishes for her..!!!

  397. Paulo Thiago

    I been following Anurhada work for the past year as I work in Children’s Home in India with many young Nepali children . I really commend her work as outstanding in fighting the scourge of child trafficking .

  398. probin poon

    Many many wish too you.

  399. Santosh Khanal

    Best of luck Anuradha mam, u r the prestige of our nation…

  400. Akritee

    Her work is commendable.

  401. Govinda Ghimire

    I have voted for Anuradha Dijju because she has given re-birth to girls whom she has rescued from brothels. Not only that she has given home for orphan children, become a mother to them providing motherly love and affection. Above all, she has raised and made them face the cruel world, who had shunned them few years ago. So, please vote for her.

  402. Heidi E

    We need more advocates like Anuradha Koirala for those woman and children who do not have a voice.

    Thank you for your empathy and compassion!

    God Bless to you and your colleagues!!

  403. Zera Walpole

    Visiting Maiti from Australia I was humbled by the courageous workers and girls. Noone deserves this award more.

  404. Shaaron Dalton

    Anuradha is a real heroine and deserves this award. Child trafficking is a great evil which she is standing up against at high risk to herself. What an example of human dignity and strength she is.

  405. Asha G

    We need more selfless people like Anuradha Koirala in every village, town , city in the world to make the world a safer place for young girls . God bless her .

  406. Sharlene Singh

    Thank you for bringing hope to those who need it the most. She is a true hero and I admire everything she does for these women.No one is more deserving of this award than Anuradha Koirala.

  407. Pratima Upadhyay

    I admire Anuradha’s work.

  408. lata

    thank you for saving our daughters,
    lots of love n light to you and god bless

  409. Barbara Lampert

    Here’s a modern day miracle worker…saving our girls from destruction of their bodies and souls…if that isn’t the highest service on the planet then what is?

  410. Janine Canan MD

    There is no more important work in the world than this.

  411. Monica Gokaldas

    Anuradha is doing a commendable job. Wish more and more people get inspired and take up such noble challenges in life.

  412. Manoj Jain

    I vote for Anuradha Koirala. She is a true inspiration.

  413. Kamal Tolia

    Thank you for all that you do. Because of you and your loving care, so many girls are saved and can lead a life of dignity. May you be blessed with the strength to continue the good work yo do!

  414. Matthew Azzara

    I had the pleasure of visiting Maiti House and seeing first-hand some of the amazing work they do. Didi Anurhada deserves this!

  415. Angel Paudel

    Best of Luck. You deserve to be the best…

    And thanks for everything that you have done.

  416. Lasang

    We really appreciate the work you have done in Nepal. You have given new life to many people.

  417. taindra akten

    she is doing great job against human traffiking. and yes she is a real hero.

  418. anuja karmacharya

    best of luck and thanks anuradha koirala

  419. Bandana Basnet

    Anuradha Koirala… She is the true human being of dignity. For the goodness that she has been doing and the inspirations that she has been Sparkling to us for the years…. She truly deserve the Award..
    With many more warm wishes…

  420. Sushmita basnet

    All the best to mother of helpless daughters of Nepal.

  421. sonam tamang

    my vote for anuradha koirala…

  422. subba lama

    Good luck Anuradha di. You are the crusader of victim women.

  423. Swikriti Khanal

    girls and women dignity fighter ..Anuradha koirala…
    all the best!

  424. rupa thapa chhetri

    Pls pls Vote her as much as u can & share this to everyone

  425. Bikash Kumar Chapgain

    I vote for Anuradha. Her contribution towards the victimized women can not be explained in a few words.

  426. jb moktan

    Best of luck.Sis.Anuradha ji,

  427. saroj tiwari

    My vote only for Anuradha koirala

  428. Reibi

    Anuradha ji…All the best.
    May this go on with helping daughters of the world.

  429. Ashmit kc

    Pleased to vote goddess of humanity

  430. susmita luitel

    all the best ma’am u are deserving candidate

  431. sabina tiwari

    best of luck sis

  432. Atma Ram Pandey

    She is fighting against women trafficking from our country.

  433. sandesh ghimire

    fully support…

  434. bijay

    thanks for your great job . you are the star of our nation . we are ready to support you any how or what ever the case will be in any incident . we are proud to be nepali Namaste _/\_

  435. Beth Carter

    Thank you for your service. The entire world will feel your efforts for generations to come. Namaste!

  436. Er.Nirmal Kumar Neupane

    Lets put hand to hand to raise the voice against girls trafficking.

  437. Pramila Yonjan

    Best of Luck

  438. Rupesh Shrestha

    Best of Luck

  439. Alan Neupane

    best of luck ma’am

  440. Sushil Agrawal

    All the best…

  441. KISHOR

    vote for anuradha !!(cnn hero 2012)

  442. sushila devi

    God bless you for the awesome and courageous work that you do. Namaste

  443. buddha thapa

    I would like to vote for Mrs. Anuradha Koirala. I appreciate her and her works. Best of luck

  444. binod nepal

    all the best……..

  445. Shiv Kandel

    Best of luck!!

  446. Debi La Prasain

    I would like to vote for Anuradha Koirala she is a great one

  447. bishal ghale

    my vote will always for ANURADHA KOIRALA & BEST OF LUCK ma,,am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAY NEPAL

  448. Tina Baidar


  449. srijana

    In my opinion Anuradha Koirala madam deserves this award more than any other contestants..I scincerely hope she gets this award.

  450. kalpana

    Anuradha mam you are a big support and help to children and women all over the world, who have faced pains and sufferings. Living Goddess of all women. We Nepali are all with you.

  451. Ramesh Pokharel

    Anuraadha Koirala ,pride of Nepal is the diamond in the poor’s hand. Main problem is how to creat her suitable environment to keep up her good deed.

  452. Narayan Gautam

    Please vote for a woman who is really dedicated to a social work in such a country which is fully corrupted. Hats off to Anuradha

  453. Dipendra Basnet

    Good job Anuradha Koirala. Keep it up

  454. srijana gurung

    best of luck………………………….

  455. Diki lama

    You are great, brave and nobody can do what you are doing..,
    Wish u a very good luck.., :)

  456. robin gurung

    I respect your humanity. .

  457. sudish

    Best of luck …we r always with u !!!!

  458. Sabin Sharma

    I vote against human trafficking
    I vote for Anuradha Koirala.

  459. Rajendra KC

    honorable Anuradha Koirala…great deeds, really appreciable!!

  460. Tulsi

    She is selfless mother of girls of universe

  461. Subash

    Against Human Trafficking….stands a lady…..

  462. Rabindra maharjan

    I always support Anuradha koirala.she is unbileible person

  463. ram sapkota

    Anuradha is best of the bests.She is a real mum of our country…!

  464. Bijay Bhusal

    i want to vote Anuradha koirala

  465. Sandeep

    i wish all my luck to u so u can keep up the fight
    and i am so proud you
    i salute you
    hats off to you

    jay NEPAL

  466. mcorr

    God Bless you

  467. nawang

    All the best..I hope u win !!!

  468. upendra Bista

    Best of Luck …. We are really proud of you …

  469. Narendra Lal Shrestha

    A.Koirala DD truly deserves this award for what she is doing. Best of Luck.

  470. mamta

    I really respect to her and proud of her every task . Good luck !

  471. Shankar Bhantana

    Anuradha is best among many, we must be grateful towards her.

  472. rojana spear

    pleaseeeeeeeeeee vote for my goddess mother and help us to get all the facilities that u all r getting right now

  473. Manoj Dharel

    Best of wishes and i solute for your approach. Really your approach about girls is Praiseworthy and inspiration to all Nepalese that we should do something good in our life ……………………………………..

  474. Navin Bista

    She is a great woman and gift for the mankind. Her magnificient work on saving the girls who are forcefully involved on sex trade is greatly appreciable. She is the real hero and pride of the nation.

  475. Mahesh Shrestha

    salute for humanity work. All the best

  476. Ashok Shrestha

    All the best…

  477. Anjali Adhikari

    She deserves that award

  478. deepak khadka

    I have no word for anuradha koirala…..she is like an angel for those girls….just hats up

  479. Ramesh Ghimire

    Madam, The work You Have Done is Really Great….

  480. Shree Ram Dhakal

    Source of Motherhood. Source of inspiration. Great salute for Anuradha maam. Best of Luck again!!!!

  481. Krishna Hari Maharjan

    I honor this lady from the bottom of my heart for her dedicated service provided to reduce the plight of Nepalese women and girls.

  482. Richa Rana

    Best of Luck!!

  483. sanjay shakya

    Vote for Nepal’s pride

  484. iksha stha

    grand salute anuradha koirala

  485. Anil Bhardwaj

    Keep it up…it is a good cause.

  486. Pradeep Raj Giri

    I salute to all the individuals in this entire world who are constantly working for the people.

  487. Aashish

    My vote for her

  488. Bhubaneaj Devkota

    Anuradha Koirala saved lots of innocent girls being sex workers.

  489. sunichita

    Thank you mam a great support and love to you may god bless you and long life

  490. prabin shrestha

    Thankyou for your kind and love to each nepali daughters sisters

  491. Phurpa Hyolmo Thongso

    She is fighting for the poor and ignorant girls who are taken to the brothels of Indian city like Mumbai and Delhi and bring back Nepal from that hell. She not only brings them back along with she rehabilitates them in society and empower with multiple skills by giving skillful trainings. She is an honorable and amazing woman of Nepal.

  492. vijaay voyager

    Most respectful living legend in the sector of social service…all the very best

  493. Tek Bahadur Bhandari

    “Award” it matters, at a certain place, So lets support her to win the Award, and the best one will win it, but the award which she won from the Nepalese and of course from the worldwide for her performance, “MAITI NEPAL” is a award which every Nepalese will remember until the Sun and the Moon exists. Hail Anuradha Diju. You are a living Goddess on the land of Nepal.
    Best of luck

  494. Binod Timilsina

    She deserve it.

  495. royal

    This extraordinary woman gets up every morning with the responsibility of feeding, sheltering and educating several hundred children of all ages…plus the fighting against the terrible crime of sexual trafficking of girls.
    Since she began her personal crusade there has been no rest for her. She is everywhere in Nepal working on prevention campaigns, watching and waiting for girls being trafficked at the border with India, reintegrating and returning rescued girls to their families, taking safe of the sick ones, sheltering those who have nowhere to go and sadly helping the ones whose lifes are coming to an end because of the results of this terrible crime to women
    She tirelessly and relentlessly goes all over the world explaining this horror and trying to involve as many people as possible in her crusade.
    Regarding Maiti Nepal Orphanage. You an always see her there smiling at the children, caring for them. She knows the name of every boy and girl in Maiti. She is the Mother that these children don’t have.

  496. Dilliram Bhandari

    i respect diju Anuradha koirala. thnx

  497. Sr. Varsha Shakya

    c only belong to Female, we need rights for all as equity not a differentiate in GENDER… in Nepal Female’s Law is heavy where as its called as Male dominant country but in reality its Female Ruled Country in case of Law…

    so i disk like Anuradha Koirala, thats why i won’t Vote HER

  498. chanda sah

    thank u mam for what u r doing and now u r my role model i too want to b like u all d best

  499. shraddha thapa

    I respect anuradha koirala from my heart.she deserve every sucess.I’m inspired everyday and i’ll do something great for the needy people someday! Lots of love

  500. Christina Pittman

    She is wonderful. :)

  501. bhawana kafle

    i respect you anuradha koirala.

  502. Ranjita

    I m very proud of anuradha ji. And she is very good person aswell.

  503. Dinesh R. Bajracharya

    I like Anuradha Korila so likt to vote her.

  504. Lynn Yap

    Please keep up your noble work, Anuradha. We pray for every girl to be rescued and educated…

  505. Yubraj

    We love anuradha Koirala very much . She is the proud of the nation !!!!! :)

  506. Mangma Lawati

    best of luck to Anuradha ma’am ..:)

  507. Tina Cornely

    I am honored to cast my vote for Anuradha. It is my sincerest desire that she be bestowed this honor so that others can learn from her example. Together we can put an end to human trafficking! Om shanti – it is SO!

  508. annny pathy

    Best of luck

  509. Madhu Sudhan Shrestha

    For me, i respect her as Goddess, Pride of NEPAL. Lets make it for Anuradha Koirala ma’am again. Huge Respect, JAI NEPAL

  510. Hasta

    Please vote as much as possible and share the link to your friends to eliminate trafficking from Nepal.

  511. anina butler

    I would like to say that I am an American who learned about Anuradha from a friend. I am so impressed by her comprehensive anti-trafficking work in Nepal. She has shown years of dedication to those who are most exploited by society. She treats them with dignity and respect and this is the very backbone of her work.

  512. Vinaykumar Hongekar

    Of course Anuradha Koirala….

  513. Nirpa Raj Karki

    She is daughter of Nepalese and please vote for Anuradha Koirala…

  514. Anju Puri

    Heartly respect to our dijju Anuradha Koirala that she has done such awesome work in the prevention of girls trafficking and the rehabilitation of the young girls.'’ Goddess” pray for her and vote for her.

  515. SAngeeta Puri

    My vote is for Anurada Koirala. Best of luck Dijiu…!!

  516. Ashok

    We are all voting for a social cause, a service that florishes humankind and works towards building a strong community and structuring human values and bonds. So, Vote for Anuradha Koirala!

  517. Prabha

    Dijju you are a big support and help to children and women all over the world, who have faced pains and sufferings.

    Your pure and selfless service to the mankind will certainly get this Award as well.

    Please vote for Anuradha Dijju

  518. Bettina Frevert, Roland Berger Stiftung

    Dear Sajal,
    please use the voting tool on the website!

  519. indra bahadur biswakarma

    my vote for anuradha maam, a great socialist. we are very proud to have you maam.

  520. Maria Angeles Galan (NGO Suryodaya, Spain)

    This extraordinary woman gets up every morning with the responsibility of feeding, sheltering and educating several hundred children of all ages…plus the fighting against the terrible crime of sexual trafficking of girls.
    Since she began her personal crusade there has been no rest for her. She is everywhere in Nepal working on prevention campaigns, watching and waiting for girls being trafficked at the border with India, reintegrating and returning rescued girls to their families, taking safe of the sick ones, sheltering those who have nowhere to go and sadly helping the ones whose lifes are coming to an end because of the results of this terrible crime to women
    She tirelessly and relentlessly goes all over the world explaining this horror and trying to involve as many people as possible in her crusade.
    Regarding Maiti Nepal Orphanage. You an always see her there smiling at the children, caring for them. She knows the name of every boy and girl in Maiti. She is the Mother that these children don’t have.

  521. Justine Squire

    Amazing work! you have my vote!

  522. neeraj khattri

    I don’t support her……….. she does…….. it can be because it’s her interest……..nothing to be proud of .

  523. Janeit Gurung

    I have seen her work relentlessly for the women and children of this country. Have there not been Ms. Anuradha Koirala and Maiti Nepal, I believe that there would have been more than 400 children on the streets vulnerable to trafficking and without shelter and more than 15000 children/women exposed to various forms of abuse and exploitation.
    And that is what counts… more than anything else.
    My Vote is for you Dijju (Ms. Anuradha Koirala).

  524. Emily Kirkland

    Touche. Sound arguments. Keep up the amazing effort.

  525. Tony Ang

    She is a outstanding woman. She is a extraordinary human. I would like to wish from all ten direction buddha, god for her long and healthy life where she can benefit all sentient beings

  526. Sube chha

    My vote is for anuradha koirala

  527. Siza Shahi

    I vote Anuradha Koirala for her restless contribution to abolish girls trafficking in Nepal

  528. Tanka Mishra

    I vote Anuradha Koirala for her restless contribution to abolish sex girls trafficking in Nepal

  529. rojana poudel

    if you really think that there is god and if you love your god then vote for anuradha koirala because she is god for all. she is the one to whom god has sent for all of us. if you cannot help others by your self then give power to her to her work. instead of wasting your time in temple please waste your time in computer because your god name is in computer who is waiting for your help

  530. aayush basnet

    vote for koirala..

  531. Rupa Thapa Chhetri

    Salute DD, With due to respect Wishing you more and more votes for you, You are the only one who deserves for this.

  532. Renee Barron

    I had the honor of meeting Ms. Koirala this summer while visiting Maiti Nepal. She has the rare ability to make every person feel as though they are the most valuable person in the room. She carries with her a presence that exudes calmness, intelligence, strength, compassion, power and empathy. I have the highest respect for Ms. Koirala and can attest that she and her organization, Maiti Nepal, are most deserving of this award.

  533. Woeser Doma Bhutia

    My Vote Definitely goes to the Lady who gave her Best for the Betterment of the deprived girls and women. She reminds me of another Lady…Mother Teresa. Mrs. Koirala…is the Living Legend!

  534. Ritika

    The entire nation is behind you! Go Anuradha Dijju. Go!!!!

  535. lakpa

    I love the way she help other people… Very kind person..

  536. Aakriti Kharel

    No one deserves this award than her!! Don’t believe me? Come to Maiti Nepal and see for yourself!!! MS. ANURADHA KOIRALA DESERVES THIS AWARD!!!!

  537. Thanh Nguyen

    Hey guys please keep asking people to vote for her :D so everybody can see how much work and effort she has put into stopping exploitation and sex trafficking of females. Hopefully she wins and that’s another step towards her cause!

    Have a good day everyone.

  538. salma maharjan

    great job Anuradha Koirala….!!!
    i would like to vote her…

  539. Sharwani


  540. Fadindra Adhikari

    My vote is for Anuradha Koirala, you really deserve it :)
    Anuradha Koirala is great, My vote is totally for her

  541. Rajendra

    I vote for Ms Anuradha Koirala for her contentious, hard work and fighting for the sake of girls and women who need help .

  542. Rajan Burlakoti

    Always a hero and a hero forever. We are proud to have her.

    Our pillar of strenght and courage. My votes to this incredible WOMAN!

  543. vinod kumar sah

    maity nepal is the best ………….working for women and child

  544. Achyut K. Nepal

    Anuradha Koirala is a true social worker and an insipring emblem for children and womanhood. She deserves to be awarded. Salute!

  545. Prakriti kafle

    I want to vote for Anuradha koirala

  546. sabin bhandari

    I would like to vote for Anuradha Koirala for her contributions.

  547. Susmik

    Very inspiring, kind and generous person! And she fights for what’s right and what she believes in. I would like to meet with her someday and hopefully work together :)

  548. Concha Hernandez

    Siento no poder escribir en inglés por desconocer el idioma. Puedo decir que no existe la edad, país, raza o cualquier otro impedimento para ayudar a los demás, hay personas que lo saben hacer, y lo hacen, dedican su vida ha hacer el bien y cuidar a los demás, en este caso a la mujer y los niños que son los que más lo necesita. Si desde aquí podemos hacer algo comunícanoslo. Saludos Concha

  549. MAHARJAN Rabindra

    I vote for Anuradha DD who has been figting for Women.

  550. dinesh bhusal

    She is a HUmanitarian worker, truly.

  551. dr sneedha mainali

    we all love you aama…please keep up the good work..and i already see you as the winner.

  552. Bishwo Khadka

    Let’s support the movement against human trafficking and vote for Anuradha koirala

  553. Wendy

    My vote too! Great work!

  554. Madan Kumar Chaulagain

    Let join hands with her for pious work to save the lives of children and women.

  555. Akriti gautam

    My vote for the truly deserving daughter of Nepal, Ms. Anuradha Koirala. I salute you Dijju!!

  556. Amy

    My vote is for Anuradha Koirala, you really deserve it :)

  557. Reena Rana

    Anuradha Koirala is a living god. She deserves to be recognized.

  558. sapan shakya

    my vote goes to Anuradha koirala, who is mother of all victims and I salute her efforts.

  559. Madan Kumar Chaulagain

    Vote vote vote for CNN hero 2010 Mrs. Anuradha Koirala

  560. madhu

    i want to vote anuradha koirala

  561. jagadish

    good luck

  562. Sunita thapa

    my vote for Anuradha Koirala.

  563. shakti magar

    i wish to pashupati nath she win that AWARD

  564. prakash dhitaal

    ANURADHA KOIRALA is a great vote for ANURADHA KOIRALA…jai nepal

  565. Bhupendra shrestha

    Anuradha koirala is the most beautiful women alive in my books.

  566. Ram Thapa Magar

    I am very much proud to say she is Nepali. Long live Anuradha Koirala Ji……we love

  567. Amit Baniya

    I would like to vote Anuradha Koirala.

  568. shankar poudel

    good luck

  569. rus gurung

    my vote is for anu radha koirala who’s the great mother, daughter, woman in the world

  570. raju kc

    she is a great human being who always fight for woman and child welfare and right. my full support to her…god bless

  571. rina baral

    i want to vote anuradha koirala.

  572. Bishnu prasad lamichhane

    She is a great nepali

  573. Hari Karki

    Best of luck

  574. Mausami Paudyal

    I cannot think of a more qualified individual then Anuradha Koirala. Anuradha is an inspiration!
    She is great women. My sincere VOTE goes to Anuradha Koirala.

  575. sajal basnet

    how to vote – I’m confused…

  576. Dream

    I vote for Anuradha Koirala. When there is hope there is way. She leads by this example. There is so many positive things you can do in the world and only actions can prove it.

  577. kapil bikranta adhikari

    Mother of victimized sister, legend of suffering soul, inspirational ambassador, Anuradha Koirala is pride of our nation and the whole world too. we appreciate all her hardwork and dedication, grand salute for her work on humanity and women rights. its our turn to give small effort in winning human dignity award as she is most deserving candidate we ever had…..

  578. Beeshal rai

    Anuradha is world’s hero

  579. laxman devkota

    Anuradha Koirala is great, My vote is totally for her

  580. Bikram Paudel

    u are just awesome at your works… Keep it up……..

  581. Biraj thapa

    We belive in politican why not anuradha she has done great job for nepal. . .

  582. lok


  583. basanta


  584. shree krishna pokhrel

    The steel lady of mankind who never rust on her journey.My vote for the real sister of mankind ANURADHA KOIRALA.

  585. prem

    well done mother you have done very good job i can deserved the best. my vote goes to you jaya nepal mother anuradha.

  586. Angel Prescott-Brown

    Should definitely be recognize and awarded

  587. Ranjan


  588. Anup

    The most confidential women of Nepal is Anuradha. I respect her.My precious vote for only Anuradha mam…..

  589. Bettina Frevert, Roland Berger Stiftung

    Dear Laurisa,
    have you tried to vote once more? It should work – but if it doesn’t, please let me know!
    Best regards,

  590. Santosh Joshi

    Best of luck Anuradha g.

  591. bikram shrestha

    Best of luck .. CNN HEROES 2010

  592. Yasmin Sterling Kfoury

    A True Women is one who loves , protects, and offers hope with a mothers heart….she is the living essence of Dignity and a True Woman

  593. Nisha Bhattarai

    My vote is for Anurada Koirala. Best of luck maam…!!

  594. Tushar chaulagai

    I would like to vote for Miss Anuradha Koirala . I am very glad to see her n0minated in this aaward.

  595. Gagan Raj Neupane

    Mother of all Womens in the World…Such a great and kind heart….Proud of You….

  596. bidur basnet

    my vote goes to anuradha koirala huge respect for her nepalese pride and human rights for women fighting against sexual abuse.

  597. Ram Bahadur BK

    I wish all the best for your bright future

  598. Nishant Shah

    She is the real Social Worker!

  599. Sanjog karki

    my vote goes to Anuradha Kooirala.

  600. Krishna Ranabhat

    I wish all the best for Anuradha Sister

  601. Dr. Monika Pokharel

    My vote to Anuradha Koirala.She is the most deserving candidate!

  602. prem thapa

    My vote for her too

  603. joe singh

    She is my hero

  604. Gajendra Nepali

    Hats off the legend….

  605. Arya Green

    Anuradha Koirala is the new name and the last resort for all those girls who has lost their homely home, forceibly taken away and can be found in the dark alleys and corners of red-light districts, around the globe. Its such a shame that even at this point in time, people still trade human beings, and if you are a girl, the story shall turned out to be more gruesome and full of horror/terror. Mrs. Koirala has done such an incredible job, for which, she has been highly praised, for an additional chapter in the name of humanity, to me, she’s more like the modern Mother Teresa, and my best wishes.. I really believe that she deserves lot more than mere (few) awards, cheers :)

  606. suraj poudel

    Let your vote for change.

  607. Sulav Mainaly

    No one else deserves this award than Ms. Anuradha Koirala… Dijju deserves it!!!! I will vote for one and only Ms. Anuradha Koirala!!

  608. Sushan paudyal

    Great person !! Idol of nepal

  609. Laurisa Osti

    She deserves it.

  610. shrijana

    my vote for Anuradha Koirala

  611. sujan

    I would like to vote for Anuradha Koirala…..she deserves it.

  612. Bimala Shrestha

    I really support to Anuradha Koirala. wish you all the best

  613. Raw jung Thapa

    :) you deserve this mrs Koirala…deff my vote goes to you.

  614. sidhartha

    Anuradha Koirala she es one of my inspiration in my life,She es most important foundation for OUR COUNTRY.

  615. TarkaRaj Subba

    Good luck for Anuradha di

  616. Shreeti Shrestha

    Miss. Anuradha Koirala is doing a great job. She’s become a guiding light by saving many women and girls and helping the affected victims.She’s the pride of Nepal. My vote is for her.

  617. Prabhat

    I vote for Anuradha Koirala for Roland Berger Human Dignity Award for 2013/2014. The work that Maiti Nepal does is instrumental in reducing sex trafficking. She is extraordinary and deserves the honour.

  618. ritesh

    my respect to anuradha

  619. Narayan Sundar Sonepa

    Anuradha Koirala is a gift to Humanity!!!

  620. sunil adhikari

    anuradha koirala did a great job so i wanna vote her.

  621. Diwas Ale

    Maiti Nepal has been doing great job, still doing n hope it continues doing it until n unless our country becomes traffiking free country. Best Wishes to all the team especially to Anuradha Koirala. Marvellous job mam.

  622. Goma niraula

    Honestly….u r so..grate..i love u…i respect u…u deserve it.

  623. surendra

    I want to vote for Anuradha koirala didi and wish for all support fighting against sex trafficking

  624. ram krishna bhatta

    my vote 4 anuradha koirala

  625. Sajani dulal

    All the best and great wishes to Anuradha Koirala…

  626. Shishir baral

    Helpful women

  627. Subas Shretha

    We are Proud with Anuradha sis. we want to Help People who does not have Any Support and help to them…Please Contract as soon as How We Can Help That Kind Of People… our View to how much we can Help The People…

  628. prayas jung shah

    my vote for anuradha koirala

  629. kripa gajurel

    u are the one anuradha koirala….

  630. basu

    1 vote for all girls around the globe, 1 vote for our “didi(sister)” , 1 vote for woman with heart so strong, 1 vote . . . She is a role model.

  631. reeva

    vote for anuradha mam….jay desh jay nepal.

  632. Sandip

    Anuradha Koirala deserves the award and i vote for her.

  633. Lax

    I vote for Anuradha Koiral !!

  634. deepa joshi

    best of luck anuradha koirala :) you are the real hero of this world who help without selfishess

  635. sona Gurung

    Our honor to vote Anuradha Ma’am for her hard effort for the rescue of innocent gals and women through the worldwide.. this is really a challenging matter for a indenpendent lady like MS.Anuradha Koirala.
    Great solute and thousand of votes to a persona like deserving Person. and she deserves!!

  636. suneeta adhikary

    She is always inspiration for me and all the people of nepal….we nepalese must be proud of her…I wish u best of luck for your future..My vote goes for u n great salute to u..

  637. ashmita neupane

    I vote for Anuradha koirala.she is an inspiration and icon of humanity..I respect her..

  638. Soorya Ranabhat

    Salute to You Anuradha Koirala Didi…Jay Nepal

  639. Archana Panthi

    She deserves to win..lets vote for the LIVING GODDESS OF HUMANITY..!! All the very best Anuradha Koirala..!! :)

  640. Elsa Brule

    Anuradha Koirala is the leading voice bringing awareness and action about this Global injustice. Her compassionate devotion and vigilance, tenacity and courage are worthy of our highest attention, respect and honor.

  641. Dafna Michaelson

    Her work makes all of us stronger.

  642. Krishna shrestha

    Mother Anuradha

  643. buddhalaxmi

    best of luck Anuradha didi

  644. Ocean Executive

    She is god mother

  645. Anil Gurung

    Anuradha Koirala is exemplary person in the field of social service. She has sacrificed her entire life to save the girls from trafficking. She won the CNN Hero award. Hundreds of girls have got their second life because of her consistent effort. Her contribution in this field is incomparable. She really deserves this award.

  646. Purushottam Chaulagain

    Anuradha Koirala is perhaps the greatest woman after Mother Teressa in terms of serving human race at large in the most effective and yet selfless way possible…….. From

  647. Children's Partner CAP Nepal

    Vote For Anurada Koirala and help make such a world where there is Place only for human.!! Nepalis Social Mother
    Founder of Maiti Nepal, fighting against sex trafficking of Nepali girls and women for 20 years, she has created an extraordinary NGO: Maiti Nepal. Anuradha is a crusader for women’s rights and the basic human dignity deserved by every female, especially in a society in which they are currently not valued or appreciated. She operates border surveillance stations at the Indian Border and on the border to Tibetan China,3 prevention schools, and 2 chronic care centers, and a school, in addition to housing 550 at the main rehabilitation center and children’s care facility at Kathmandu. There’s too much to say here, but this is just a taste.

  648. Pancha Bir Chaudhary

    She is one of the pure heart person who helps Nepali “CHELI” without any selfishness…..Wish you all the best respected Dijju!! We are always with you….

  649. Jana Andolan

    Nepal’s Supreme Court ordered Maiti Nepal, which Anuradha Koirala founded, to release a woman held against her will for 50 days so she could undergo counselling for being a lesbian. For further information click here:

  650. Ananta Guragain

    I vote for Anuradha Koirala and express my humble gratitude for saving innocent poor girls and women from The hills.Vote Anurada Koirala and help make such a world where there is place only for human.!!

  651. Hari sherchan

    Best of luck

  652. Suranjan awale

    Anuradha Koirala is LIFE SAVER of huge number of Nepali girls from sex trafficking. I vote for her Anuradha Koirala for her extra ordinary service and human kind.

  653. som gurung

    i wish all the best Anuradha koirala for the award.

  654. Dr.Bharat Thapa

    my vote for Anuradha Koirala

  655. anil

    Good luck Anuradha didi.

  656. Basanta Tripathi

    My vote for Anuradha Koirala

  657. ashikmalla

    I respect what you are doing for society.I believe that respect has to
    be earned through your actions, so if you’re a good person doing the right things for society and your friends and family appreciate your
    work. You have done good job.Keep it up!! Takecare

  658. Tanka khanal

    Wish you all the best and good luck Anuradha Didi.


    I would like to vote for Anuradha Koirala

  660. Uman Gurung

    Awareness education should be provided to poor family and provide them the opportunity to get education, health and job. And security level at the board side should made stricted and increased, to stop the human trafficking.

    My vote to Anuradha Madam.

  661. Laurisa

    All my votes are for her

  662. Ruman Shrestha

    Anuradha deserves a title award for her efforts definitely.

  663. Cristina bernat

    My vote for anuradha koirala

  664. KAMAL


  665. diwash gurung

    Yeah, would vote for anuradha Mam, as she is extraordinarily fathoming for the upliftment of our nepali society as a whole.

  666. Bimal Singh

    Let’s vote for Anuradha didi and wish all the very best.

  667. raz

    i vote for Anuradha Koirala, we can expect a lot from her.

  668. nilam prakash mainali

    i would like to vote Anuradha koirala

  669. Ashik Rajbhandari

    All the best wishes!

  670. vishal kunwar rana

    vote anurada koirala

  671. susmita giri

    i wish all the best and best of luck anuradha mam

  672. Kashi Ram Sharma

    Congratulation Anuradha Koirala
    She said “We must look at all girls in this world as our daughters.”

  673. go vinda sharma

    best of luck to Anuradha didi

  674. Mahesh Pudasaini

    I voted Anuradha Koirala for her restless work to bring smile on thousands of faces who lost their smile and hopes just because of their innocientness, poverty and lack of education. To award her by Human Dignity Award 2013/2014 means to defeat all those evils who involve on trafficking of our sister/doughter.

  675. Min B Gurung

    I would like to vote for Anuradha.

  676. yu jeong

    She is a greate woman.

  677. sagar

    I will like to vote for Anuradha Koirala

  678. Lava Kafle

    blessed to be voting here for mother anuradha koirala, who has been fighting for women since many decades

  679. rk mishra

    anuradha koirala is truly a social worker ….who deserves to get this award….she is a socialworker who has effectively worked for stopping women trafficking ……..

  680. shashin

    Anuradha is a great source of inspiration. Everyone should have minimum 1% of her thought. We have thought but we are not applying it.

  681. Shiv Kandel

    You have made this world proud.

  682. Toran Bhattarai

    And here is my vote for Anuradha Koirala

  683. ganesh Khadka

    My vote for Anuradha koirala.

  684. Sajjan

    1 vote from my side, to great Nepalese lady.

  685. sandesh

    she deserves the award!

  686. Yubaraj Dawadi

    She is our dignity of nepal.

  687. Yubaraj Dawadi

    All the best didju.

  688. Robby Reppa

    I Vote for Anuradha !

  689. manish

    She deserves it.

  690. Kaisa Stephan

    I vote for Anuradha Koirala,as I have known her since 1995, (when we adopted our daughter from Nepal) and have followed her endless work for making a better world for girls and women in her country. She definitely needs to be awarded for these efforts.

  691. prenit

    Anuradha didi is the best

  692. Bhatt Mahie

    My Vote for univesal Ideal of Humanity Respected Dijju Anuradha Koirala

  693. anup kc

    mam you are just awsome. proud to be Nepali.

  694. Arbin Rai

    I would like to vote an icon of humanity Anuradha Koirala

  695. balram

    its not about one person” anuradha koirala “it is againist the human trafficiking ,so vote for anuradha didi

  696. Bikash Bhattarai

    My vote is for Anuradha Koirala as she has made the life of so many young Nepali girls.

  697. chandeshwar acharya

    I vote Ms. Anuradha Koirala because for her dedication fighting against human traffacking

  698. Anita Chaudhary

    All the best :)

  699. niran

    my vote goes for Anuradha Koirala

  700. Amit Dahal

    I want to vote Anuradha koirala, since she is giving whole life for rescuing 1000s Of Nepalese girls from trafficking. She help to bring smiles withe large number of Nepalese sisters.

  701. Nicole

    Anuradha Koirala is the “Hero” that Humanity should aspire to be … Praise her and her courage, and the people she helps. blessed be

  702. Jill pickering

    I vote for mrs koirala. She is a dedicated and tireless crusader who has done so much for vulnerable Nepalese girls.

  703. Krishna Chauhan

    Maiti Nepal is the place where trafficked girls get their home, shelter and even education. She gives her best to settle down girls life . As we know that we are from the third world country called Nepal and we all know that we have not been developed as far concern to other Eu countries and others. It is too hard to settle life after once sold girl return to her home. So Maiti Nepal is one of the community where they get their after lives. So I vote Anuradha Koirala in behalf of those poor girls who have been trafficked to different nations especially India, In behalf of those girls who have to burn each and every second from cruel life.In behalf of those girls who is still waiting for single ray of hope that someone going to rescue them. Please help them.. Please Vote Anuradha Koirala….STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING

  704. Noru Sherpa

    Thanks for being an outstanding wall against the social evils Mrs. Anuradha Koirala. Who shall not support such a selfless social activist? Wish you’ll be the role model of everyone. My vote goes to you.

  705. Chelo Alvarez-Stehle

    Anuradha Koirala is a freedom fighter and her work should be recognized at the highest levels. She continues to fiercely work to put an end to sex trafficking, sexual slavery and gender discrimination through the largest shelter for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Nepal and an warm orphanage that gives a real home to hundreds of at risk young girls.

  706. Pam Gist

    Anuradha Koirala is a courageous woman who founded an organization that is fighting to save trafficked girls and women in Nepal. She is highly deserving of this prize and has my vote.

  707. Rabi Bogati

    She an extra ordinary socialist and had already won CNN HERO of 2010 so please vote ,not for her but for her contribution and life changing love towards trafficked girls who had lost their hope toward life before coming in the lap of Maitinepal(A voluntary association of Koirala)

  708. Gr Bhatt

    Ms. Anuradha Koirala best deserve the award.

  709. debu

    icon as strong dertemined women to stop human trafficking escepially women n girls

  710. Yogendra Bajpai

    i wish all the best for Anuradha, my wholeheartedly support to the noble cause.

  711. Maheshwari Bhatt

    Wish you all the best Dijju

  712. Yeen Lama

    Dijju Anuradha Koirala i wish you all the best! I want you to know that the work you do keeps inspiring me to be a better and a selfless person.

  713. Musica Khadka

    I vote for international mother Anuradha koirala,a true human being who cry for someone else daughters.Respect her and she is my inspiration and dream maker. Vote to Anuradha Koirala

  714. khem raj subedi

    i want to vote anuradha koirala because she did great job in our’s coutry nepal n show the lesson all over the world …………

  715. thilani

    I would like to vote Anuradha Koirala

  716. priya sherpa

    I wish my mother a very good luck for the you so much and wish to see you smile as always……thank you for everything aama!

  717. Pratima

    Vote for anuradha

  718. Dipendra Gurung

    I vote for Anuradha Koirala

  719. Pramod shah

    I would like to request from friends to vote for Anuradha Koirala. she is a perfect person for this award.

  720. Carmen Crum

    Anurada is my hero, she should be cloned to help the rest of the world who ignores how difficult it is to survive in such a cruel world. She is the most generous human beeing and has proven that with love and care, everything is possible. She has saved thousand of girls from their suffering ordeals and continues to do so with a smile on her face!

  721. Menaz khan

    Vote for Anuradha koirala and best wishes..she is great woman

  722. Saleena Gurung

    I vote for Anuradha Koirala and thank her for such a great great contribution.
    I admire this lady. She is such an inspiration :)

  723. susan

    We stand with her for she stands up for all girls …..

  724. inu kc

    I vote for Anuradha Koirala….

  725. bishwo adhikari

    Anuradha Mam is the greatest mother of the world.

  726. bishwo adhikari

    we all neepalese proud of saying that Anuradha mam is the best mother in the world.

  727. Namrata Dhungana

    We all Nepalese really appreciate and respect her effort. 1 vote for her with full respect from my side :). Lets vote for her

  728. John Cunnington

    Ms Anurada Koirala has brought to the attention of Nepal – and the world -the horrors of trafficking of girls and young women. She has bravely taken the lead in confronting the pimps and ensuring that justice is done and implemented awareness programmes that have drastically reduced the number of women who would otherwise be tricked into prostitution and abuse.
    She richly deserves this recognition.

  729. Abart Joshi

    She is a gift to our country…

  730. umesh

    She is the pride of our nation as well as of the world!!

  731. suren

    a true human, no word to describe her…………see it and you can feel something you hardly had experience in your life.

  732. rohini basnet

    vote for anuradha koirala.

  733. Aayush Basnet

    vote for anuradha koirala to maiti nepal.

  734. Michael Kelly

    I would like to vote for Anuradha Koirala. An Inspiration.

  735. Madan Thapa

    Anuradha is lion of Anti Human Trafficking fight person in whole global

  736. Tirtha Khanal

    anuradha is real hero and defender of universal Human Rights.

  737. Bimala Bajracharya

    All the best Anuradha Didi. You are my inspiration.

  738. Chandrima Roy

    Am voting for Anuradha Koirala.

  739. dipasha bista

    i vote for mam anuradha koirala!!

  740. Neelima Kafle

    Our Anuradha D must win … Best wishes to her..

  741. Sumitra Shrestha

    she is mother of all Nepali women and girls. all the best dijju.

  742. Laurisa Osti

    I am trying to vote for her, but the website does not permit me to do so. Why?



  744. arzun zuran

    i would like to vote for Mother Nepal Anuradha Koirala is greatest inspiration for world :)

  745. Jaleshwor

    My vote is only for Anuradha Koirala !!!!!!!!!!

  746. Sirjana chhetri

    I want to vote for anuradha koirala

  747. tekni kolor poet

    i would like to vote for Mother Nepal Anuradha Koirala is an greatest inspiration for world :)

  748. Pujan Maharjan

    She is really a great inspiration….

  749. nabina luitel

    A Mother of All the girls .

  750. saurabh bhattarai

    my vote for ANURADHA KOIRALA for her great work…

  751. Achyut Khanal

    vote to Anuradha Koirala,symbol of humanity.

  752. pitambar sapkota

    Humanity is not a thing to buy or sold.It can’t be expressed in monetary value.Anuradha Koirala is an icon of humanity who is trying to enlighten what humanity is to, the whole i want to vote her to support and help her to establish this world as a peaceful place for only human.
    !!welcome to the world of dignity,respect and humanity,where money can’t buy your everything.!!
    !! welcome to the world of equality where boys and girls are equally respected.!!

    vote Anurada Koirala and help make such a world where there is place only for human.!!

  753. Garima Giri

    I want to vote for Anuradha koirala. She deserves it the most.

  754. Rakshya Raut

    Thinking nearly for 15 min i just got no words to explain her so i just want to thank her for being mother of all disabled girls and wish her a very best of luck.

  755. sucil kharel

    di… you are the luckiest person of unlucky country… we are all proud of you….

  756. Aaratee Lamsal

    Anuradha is an inspiration!

  757. pratikshya

    Its my pleasure to give vote to great lady/image Anuradha Koirala. Good Luck to her…

  758. sandhya nepali

    my vote for anuradha koirala mam

  759. sunil lama

    vote for her active role vote for all the encouraging nepalese womens.

  760. Prasamsa Khanal

    my entire respect n honour to ma’am Anuradha Koirala!!i shall vote her!!her goodworks make her happy n charming!!

  761. Rinji sherpa

    My Vote for Anuradha Koirala

  762. lokendra saud

    i would like to vote for anuradha koirala

  763. Prashamsa

    I am very proud of Anuradha Koirala for her work despite of several hardships on the way. She is the pride of Nepal and I wish her journey to continue successfully

  764. Rajesh Rai

    She is an inspiration and she is an ambassador for humanity. I vote her. Salute

  765. sujalsubba

    my vote for anuradha koirala best of luck

  766. deepak thapa

    anuradha is brave and one of the one woman holding slave women and ahe save that women so i proudly to say i m nepali

  767. Jennifer Howells

    I vote for the extraordinary Anuradha Koirala for her work to end human trafficking and for rescueing young girls from a life of hell

  768. Durga Acharya

    I appreciate and applaud her great job and continuity..

  769. Ali

    Vote for Anuradha Koirala! Amazing women

  770. bikash

    my vote for anuradha di all the best di……

  771. Bikash shrestha

    She has been my inspiration

  772. pritha malla thakuri

    Some things we just sit n ponder!! we think n wish we could change things,shape them, nurture them but there are only few people who actually take an initiate because that person feels the pain,emotion and put herself in their shoes!! and tht person has to be Anuradha Koirala……pride to Nepal..pride to femininity!!!! with much respect and best wishes i think she should win !!!

  773. Yesenia Villarreal

    Great woman

  774. aayusa dahal

    my vote goes for Anuradha Koirala…

  775. bishwa gurung


  776. Krista Sassaman

    My vote is for Anuradha Koirala

  777. Amit Bindal

    She has done a real good job and I vote her whole heatedly.

  778. Ranjan Bhatta

    My vote for Anuradha and her outstanding effort…go ahead

  779. A

    Keep on With strong and pure heart

  780. Bishal Upadhyaya

    She is simply inspirational.

  781. manu

    my vote is for anu radha koirala who’s the great mother, daughter, woman in the world

  782. indra gurung

    i wish all the best for Anuradha didi

  783. Murtaza

    Anuradha Koirala is perhaps the greatest woman after Mother Teressa in terms of serving human race at large in the most effective and yet selfless way possible……..Bravo

  784. Marguerite Dore

    My heart goes out to the girls who are not saved and to all the girls that are save may they heal with lot’s of love from Anuradha Koiala and her family (team). My vote goes to Anuradha and l hope that later in the future l too can help in some way.
    God bless them all.

  785. Uma Pun

    A great mother she is for all the daughters who were sold and neglected by their own biological parents and society. She has made a beautiful world for them and a warm house protecting them from scrutiny. When I look at her I feel very proud to be a woman. A great inspiration.

    I vote for Anuradha Koirala for the award

  786. Prakash Mohara

    Good luck Anuradha di. You are the crusader of victim women.

  787. Kimberly Christianson

    I vote for Anuradha!!!!

  788. Pauline Lum

    Anuradha is my heroine. I admire her great work.

  789. Rupa Pun

    She is the legend of suffering souls.Rarely, people knew it when she established Maiti Nepal. Now everybody must know it she does exist to help sisters and daughters from cruelty of sex market.She is A God of divine power oneself with greater efforts towards her act and cause.I just bow my head towards her as our Goddess and saviour.In future ,she will be always shining on the new chapter of the beginning world “Goddess”.I pray for her and vote for her.

  790. Narayan Stevens

    I vote for anuradha koirala and express my humble gratitude for saving innocent poor girls and women from The hills.
    Thank you Anuradha jyu for letting the world know that there is a desperate problem in Nepal.

  791. Pat Demaret

    the very best of luck to Anuradha didi

  792. Nora Shine

    Anuradha sees the beauty and humanity in every girl, every child. She works to protect them, it is true, and also in the healing can he genius be seen. Her creative therapies to return dignity to the lives of girls who have been brutalized, is nothing less than inspiring.

  793. Aashis Karki

    I vote for Anuradha Koirala for her consistent effort agains human traffiking and giving support to women

  794. Maria Angelina

    I vote for Anuradha Koirala for the Roland Berger Human Dignity Award. She has done such awesome work in the prevention of sex trafficking and the rehabilitation of the young girls once they’ve been rescued. The work of Maiti Nepal is instrumental and is all done with the direct work of this crusader. Best of luck because she deserves it.

  795. Chet Budhathoki

    You deserve it Anuradha sister. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication to make this world a better place to live in for everyone.

  796. R. Goldman

    My vote is for Anurahda Kumar

  797. Lenin Raghuvanshi

    She is great woman

  798. sanju shakya

    we are proud of anuradha didi… face im really inspired by her deeds so trying to folllow something she has been doing..helping others.

  799. Unmukt Chand Thakur

    Grand salute for your work for humanity and women’s rights.
    All the best Madam Anuradha Koirala…

  800. Virat Kohli

    Heartly Salute to you Anuradha Madam,
    all the best for further activities on…

  801. Sabin Kumar

    I want to vote Anuradha Koirala.
    She is pride of Nepal and mother of all the victimized daughters…

  802. Abishek Shrestha

    my vote for Anuradha Koirala

  803. rajendra kumar pandit

    best of luck anuradha didi

  804. Marisha Mondol

    I vote for Anuradha Koirala. Thanks to her so many women have hope of a better future.

  805. Ani Ajemian

    I cannot think of a more qualified individual. Anuradha is an inspiration!

  806. Dana Hines

    I vote for Anuradha Koirala for Roland Berger Human Dignity Award for 2013/2014. The work that Maiti Nepal does is instrumental in reducing sex trafficking. She is extraordinary and deserves the honour.

    Thank you.

  807. diwakar bista


  808. Carolyn Hopkinson

    I woul like to vote for Anuradha Koirala

  809. Elsa Brule

    Anuradha said it best. “We must look at all girls in this world as our daughters.”

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