Anjum Raza Mattu Submitted by: Imran Anjum

I nominating Mr. Anjum Raza Mattu for Human Dignity award due to his efforts to improve human right situations and eliminate bondage in Punjab. Some of his achievements in various sectors are described in the following section on the basis of which he should be awarded.
Record of combating human rights violations by innovative means: Anjum has been continuously combating against human right violations through the following activities:
1-Changed mindsets of stakeholders though awareness raising, conduct of 50 seminars, 38 rallies, highlighting the issues of human right at various forums, discussing with government and politicians, involving local organizations in implementation of various human right activities.
2-Build self confidence of 30000 kiln community members from which 25000 raised their voice against violence especially to get the minimum wage as per government rule
3-Facilitated 51000 kiln workers to acquire basic citizenship rights i.e. CNICs and voter registration.
4-Providing legal aid to 15000 kiln workers in order to get access to labor court from which 15000 kiln workers become free from bondage.
5-Enrolled more than 11000 child kiln workers in government, private and other organizational schools.

Additional information with reference to the activities of IDA and false accusation filed by kiln owners against IDA and its team could be found from the following links:

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  1. HRH Prince Frederick zu Sachsen-Lauenburg

    I am voting for Mr. Anjum Raza Mattu for this Human Dignity award because of his efforts to improve human rights situations and eliminate bondage in The Punjab. It has been a long struggle for him and like-minded friends to bring justice for the kiln workers and the Insan Dost Association is being recognised on the world stage by receiving a Peace Award from Die Schwelle Foundation in Bremen later this year.. May Justice Prevail and make their world a better place to live in.

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