Mrs. Triveni Acharya Submitted by: Mr. Mahesh Ruparelia

Until 2005 she was a journalist and was also assisting her husband to rescue, rehabilitate and repatriate victims of human trafficking, trafficked from India, Nepal and Bangladesh and sold for forced prostitution in India. Due to her excellent contacts with police and the government authorities, her assistance has been very useful in attaining the goal and establishing an NGO. Unfortunately, her husband expired in a car accident in 2005. Since then she has taken over as President of Rescue Foundation.

She is full time busy and is literally overburdened. These victims are tortured physically and mentally in the brothels to force them to prostitute.
Human Trafficking has become a major crime comparable to Drugs & Arms Trafficking. Within the country as well as cross-border trafficking generates huge income for the anti-social elements. Thus the traffickers and brothels involved in ruining the lives of innocent girls are financially very strong and they have anti-social human resources who are always ready to harm any opposition to their business. Traffickers traffic the poor, unfortunate, innocent girls to Mumbai and sell them for forced prostitution to the brothels and are forced to serve 25 clients a day. They are not paid any money for the services they render. Thus the brothel earns millions of Rupees during the working life of the girl against maximum Rs. 100,000 paid by them to the trafficker for buying the girl.
Naturally Mrs. Acharya’s action of rescuing girls from brothels delivers huge loss to the perpetrators. She not only receives threats from the perpetrators but is also attacked during the raids.

Rescuing girls from airport and railway stations requires practical courage and tactful handling of airport & police authorities to rescue girls about to board a flight. Such last minute rescue demands tremendous courage as traffickers stand to lose considerable amount of money and the possibility of getting the trafficker arrested by police at the airport increases very much.

On questioning her about the danger, she replies that “somebody from the educated, civilized society must do justice to the unfortunate victims. I believe that in case I am killed by the anti-social elements that will be God’s wish. If my destiny requires me to be killed in this manner; I shall get killed in any case even if I have ten body guards around me,”
She has proved to have resisted the evil throughout life abut have worked very hard to save these girls from the inhuman atrocities.

Her steadfast resolution of reinstating lost Human Rights to these underprivileged girls even at the cost of harming her personal schedule and life itself is commendable. She successfully rescues about 300 girls annually which is perhaps the biggest number achieved by any NGO in South-East Asia. On one hand she is a very simple lady successfully managing a large NGO and on the other hand she is extremely courageous during raids and during her encounters with the perpetrators. Perhaps her this quality is due to her simplicity, her wish to really change the lives of these tortured victims and the lack of any pride in her nature.

It is rare to find a lady who is so sympathetic towards the victim girls and yet so strong and courageous to rescue the girls from inhuman perpetrators.

Rescuing these innocent girls from the evil designs of traffickers is a rare work requiring a lot of courage. On one hand it involves heated arguments with the brothel keeper and courageously combating continuous threats and attacks by the national and international perpetrators. On the other hand it requires affectionate and sympathetic counseling of the poor girls who are forced to pursue forced prostitution. Combination of these two qualities (tremendous courage and simultaneously having affectionate, sympathetic approach where required,) is very rare in a normal human being. I strongly feel that Mrs. Triveni Acharya is the only person I have met in my life of 63 years who has this rare quality of such courage and has shown commendable ability of counseling and loving the girls who are treated as outcasts due to severe stigma in our Indian society.

Moreover her work has generated good awareness in the society thereby reducing the deplorable stigma in society.

All her work and the work of her NGO demonstrate the re-establishment of humanity, justice & the rule of law. The trafficking is not only a challenge for development, but is a critical factor in creating and sustaining peace and stability in our society. These victims are without any means of subsistence. Their efforts promote the integration of two components of sustainable development – economic development & social development – as independent and mutually reinforcing pillars. Sound environmental, social and economic policies, responsive to the needs of the people, the rule of law, gender equality are the basis for sustainable development. Peace, security, stability and respect for Human Rights and fundamental freedoms including the rights to development as well as respect for cultural diversity, are essential for achieving cultural development and ensuring that it benefits all.

Her simplicity, selflessness and unwavering commitment are the secret behind her courage.

During her tenure so of last 7 years, She has achieved tremendous growth of facilities and programs for Rescue Foundation as under:

• In 2005 she started with one protective home at Mumbai for 50 girls only. Whereas today we have three protective homes for 300 girls.
• In 2005 Rescue Foundation had only one program of tailoring for training the girls for sustenance whereas today we have many programs like tailoring, jewelry making, painting, key chain assembly, crafts and beauty parlour etc.
• She has established projects like biogas and vermicompost productions, agriculture etc for training the girls and generating profit for the NGO.
• At present on an average we rescue 400 girls, rehabilitate and repatriate 700 girls annually.

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