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Kinda Hibrawi creating positive memories for refugee kids

Many young Syrians have lost everything: their home, their normal life, their friends and often even family members. Their memories of screams, gunshots and bombs exploding are stored deep down. A lot of these children and young people are seriously traumatized. Experts already speak of a "lost generation". But Kinda Hibrawi doesn't want to give up on this generation. The US artist has Syrian roots herself. As the education Director of Karam Foundation she organizes camps for Syrian refugee children. She wants to inspire them with art and photography, creative writing, painting and sports. In an interview she tells us what she wants to accomplish over the long term with her "Zeitouna" project.

The Catrambones save refugee lives

In 2014, 3,419 refugees drowned in the Mediterranean – a tragedy that Christopher and Regina Catrambone weren't willing to just stand by and watch anymore. The US entrepreneur-couple bought a ship and put together a crew of sailors and medical practitioners, and since summer 2014 they have been combing the Mediterranean Sea, rescuing refugees in distress.

Photo: Migrant Offshore Aid Station

Dr. Suray Bakkar and his desire to help the injured

The physician Dr. Suray Bakkar was persecuted in his homeland of Syria and had to flee. But he still found a way to help his fellow compatriots. Together with other doctors, he founded the Akilah Hospital in Amman in Jordan. It takes care of Syrian refugees free of charge – needless to say an enormous help for them. Now, however, due to a new immigration law, Dr. Bakkar is no longer allowed to enter Jordan. He is the director of a hospital he is not allowed to even visit. This is the story of a humanitarian who repeatedly finds himself having to overcome obstacles.

Photo: Syria Relief & Development

Enos Nolli: Fighting disappointment

The problematic situation in Sicilian refugee camps is continuing to escalate. The camps are bursting at the seams. They do not have enough blankets, clothes or shoes. Enos Nolli and his organization "Gioventù in Missione" provide the urgently needed supplies. They try to give the refugees a ray of hope in their seemingly hopeless situation.

Tackling the hell inside the refugee camps

Collecting used clothing, knitting teddy bears or stuffing a car full to the brim with bread. There are many ways to help refugees. Maggie Tookey knows that from her own experience. She volunteers in a refugee camp on the Syrian-Lebanese border. A day in the life of an impassioned helper.

Nawal Soufi, the refugee helper

Month after month, innumerable refugees find themselves in life-threatening situations at sea. Nawal Soufi is there for them. She takes emergency calls around the clock, sounds the alarm and informs the coastguard. Soufi is already well known among refugees. They call her "Lady SOS".

I’m Ukrainian – and I cannot keep calm

In November 2013, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign an association agreement between the Ukraine and the European Union. This triggered dramatic events: Ukrainians protested on the central Maidan square in Kyiv, which left more than 100 people dead and ousted him and his government in February 2014. Following an internationally criticized referendum, the Ukrainian peninsula Crimea was annexed by the Russian Federation in March. Political turmoil continued and protests in Donetsk and Luhansk regions escalated into an armed conflict between pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian military. Many people died. The EU and the US imposed economic sanctions on Russia. And in July, a Malaysia Airlines passenger flight was shot down over the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board.

Alice Nkom: Fighting for the rights of homosexuals

In Cameroun, homosexuals are persecuted, discriminated against and incarcerated. Legal attorney Alice Nkom has founded a non-governmental organization that campaigns for the rights of this victimized minority, with the goal of putting an end to what she calls "anti-homosexual apartheid".

Revolution in the fields

Nearly a third of all humanity is undernourished. Monkombu Swaminathan is fighting to change that. He cultivates nutrient-rich plants with the aim of not only feeding the Indian population, but also improving their health.