Voting for Human Dignity Award 2014/15

Die Ermittlung der Preisträger für den Roland Berger Preis für Menschenwürde erfolgt einmal jährlich in einem fünfstufigen Auswahlverfahren. Sie können dazu beitragen, dass Ihr Kandidat in die Shortlist für die Jury aufgenommen wird. Die Personen oder Organisationen, die hier die meisten Stimmen haben, werden dem Preisvergabekomitee zur Bestimmung des Preisträgers mit vorgelegt. Das Voting für den Roland Berger Preis für Menschenwürde 2014/15 endete am 10. Dezember 2013 (Tag der Menschenrechte) um 0:00 Uhr MEZ.

Untold numbers of individuals and organizations all over the world are standing up for human rights – often in exemplary ways. The Roland Berger Foundation honors such champions of human dignity each year. We select one, two or, at most, three and confer on them the Roland Berger Human Dignity Award. The annual award is endowed with up to EUR 1 million. Proposals can be submitted to us by anyone who knows the work of those who have set an example. You, too, can suggest a candidate for the award. Having examined the validity of your suggestions, we will post them on this blog for voting by site visitors. The ones that receive the most votes will be included on our shortlist of up to ten candidates. The independent Awards Committee will then arrive at its decision. Voting for the Roland Berger Human Dignity Award 2014/15 closed December 10th 2013 (Human Rights Day) at 00:00 CET. We look forward to receiving your proposals!

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Submitted by: Dr. Manik Bajracharya

Pushpa Basnet

Pushpa Basnet (Nepali: पुष्पा बस्नेत ) is a social worker and the Founder/President of Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) and Butterfly Home, non profit organizations, in Kathmandu, Nepal. She and her organization work to strengthen the rights of children living behind bars with their incarcerated parents. She became the CNN Hero of the year 2012 […]

Submitted by: Transformations Nepal

Santosh Ghimire

Transformations Nepal is a drug treatment and rehabilitation centre established in 2011 to support drug and alcohol dependents overcome their addiction. This organization was established by Mr. Santosh Ghimire who has a long experience working in the field of drugs treatment and prevention. This is a purely non-governmental and non-profit making organization. It has been […]

Submitted by: Imran Anjum

Shazia Parveen

I nominating Ms. Shazia Parveen for Human Dignity award due to her efforts to improve human right situations and eliminate bondage in Punjab. Some of her achievements in various sectors are described in the following section on the basis of which she should be awarded. Record of combating human rights violations by innovative means: Shazia […]

Submitted by: Radhika Bista

Sunita Danuwar

Sunita Danuwar, current president of Shakti Samuha, an organization founded in Nepal by girls and women rescued from brothels of India, has been working as a transformer, leader, counselor and leading survivor of girls and women trafficked to India and other countries since 1996. Shakti Samuha, in Nepali means “The Power Group” in English, was […]

Submitted by: Philip Holmes

Tristan Forster

“Forster has consistently shown leadership, demonstrated innovation in measures, implemented the best available practices, and motivated partners in his sector and beyond to join him in this cause,” said Dr. Nafis Sadik, on behalf of the Award Jury. Tristan is not one to rest on his laurels and throughout 2013 has been tireless in continuing […]